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Author attacks American ideals

Jasmine Cannon

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George Kelley has written a book bringing more attention to last year’s tornado destruction across the country. His latest work was released last year and is titled “Ayn Rand Hates Tuscaloosa… (And You Too Joplin!)” Kelley made a visit to the Capstone Monday to talk about his book at the UA College Democrats general assembly. “I thought [Kelley] illustrated some interesting points,” said Robert Chirstl, a sophomore majoring in political science and history. “The correlations he drew between Ayn Rand’s philosophy and the GOP resonated with me. The Republican Party has become a vehicle for big business to manipulate policy to favor its own agenda. Kelley successfully identified what I see to be the Republican strategy – a fusion of conservative social values with conservative economic ideas in an attempt to divide the middle and lower class.” Kelley’s book has riled up some Republicans. The book refers to the ideas of Ayn Rand, who’s known by some as America’s most controversial individualist. Born in Russia, Rand was a well-known novelist and philosopher whose ideals were centered on objectivism. Rand died in 1982. All of her books are still in print, and her sales have totaled more than 25 million. As stated on, “her vision of man and her philosophy for living on earth have changed the lives of thousands of readers and launched a philosophic movement with a growing impact on American culture.” Kelley wrote Rand’s way of approaching American living and her values were essentially one-sided or selfish. “These values are of Ayn Rand, and she lives thirty years after her death in the policies of the once-great Republican Party,” he stated. “Ayn Rand preaches no need to love your neighbor and demanded the individual live only for himself.” According to Kelley, residents of Tuscaloosa and Joplin were in need of help from the government after tornadoes tore through the cities, but they did not realize that some of their elected officials are forfeiting providing assistance for “neighbors to help neighbors.” Kelley’s book has gotten positive reviews on, and students feel it presents interesting findings and highlights important issues. “I found the title of the book intriguing and decided to give it a try,” one Amazon purchaser said. “I was pleasantly surprised at the level of detailed research the author has done and, at the same time, how he injected a level of humor and wit that kept me glued to this book for hours.” “When economic times become difficult and our government forces onto the population austerity cuts, what gets cut?” Christl said. “Important programs such as disaster relief for places like Tuscaloosa. Just look at the comments made by Republican House majority leader Eric Cantor after Joplin. Cantor said that the U.S. could not afford to help Joplin with federal money unless we looked to make cuts from other programs. This is what I got from Kelley. Rand’s philosophy has changed the GOP for the worse, and as a result, all the rest of us hurt.” “It’s time to realize who Ayn Rand was, what she believed and how those thoughts corrupt our country to the detriment of those who vote into power her disciples. Ayn Rand hates America,” Kelley wrote. “America would be better off hating her back.” Kelley’s book can be purchased on

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Author attacks American ideals