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President reproaches fraternity for denying white member

Bobby Atkinson

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Interim President Judy Bonner, at the apparent urging of Chancellor Robert Witt, has voiced her disapproval with Zeta Theta Kappa Lambda, a traditionally black fraternity, denying entry to pledge Chad Withers, a white student.

According to an email sent out by Bonner, Zeta Theta Kappa Lambda is “defying this University’s storied history as a beacon of equality.”

“We feel that in 2012, no one should be denied entry because of their race,” Bonner said. “President Obama was able to pick a white man for his vice president, why should young Chad be denied in ZTKL?”

An Zeta Theta Kappa Lambda spokesperson, whose name doesn’t matter, said ZTKL would be happy to pledge a white student, but Withers was simply a bad fit because, according to the spokesperson, he was “a douche and kind of racist.”

“Well, his name was Chad. That was our first problem,” Spokesman said. “Then, he started showing up at the house in his pickup truck with huge tires he obviously doesn’t need, blaring country music, calling everyone ‘bro’ and trying to ‘ice’ us. It was uncomfortable.”

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President reproaches fraternity for denying white member