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Light rain floods campus

Wesley Vaughn

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Courtesy of The Capstonian (RIP)

The University of Alabama campus was flooded last week during a light rain. Pools of water on sidewalks and streets made walking a living nightmare for students, leaving some marooned in buildings, including the Ferguson Center and Gorgas Library.

Students couldn’t believe the impact of a slight shower on the campus grounds.

“I was on the Quad, and you would have thought it was one big nasty pond,” said Melinda Forrester, a sophomore majoring in dance. “Most of the sidewalks were submerged and I had to do that stupid tip-toe maneuver to get around large pools of water.”

To navigate the flooded campus, students improvised in a number of ways. Monty Edwards, a junior majoring in philosophy, used the CrimsonRide.

“I never ever use the CrimsonRide because of how useless its routes are,” he said. “But, when it rains, you bet I’m going to cram in there with 50 other wet people to hitch a ride.”

Freshman Elaine Williamson tried to stay dry by wearing appropriate rain gear.

“The feet are the most important places to keep dry, so I wear my bright yellow flower-print rain boots,” Williamson said. “You’ve got to tuck your tights into them, though, or you just end up looking ridiculous.”

UA administrators admitted the campus isn’t built to handle rain.

“We never planned for this campus to drain water at all,” Vice President of Ground Management Roger Sparkman said. “It never rains in Tuscaloosa, so we just never prepared for it.”

The University could easily solve drainage issues if a problem does arise in the future, Sparkman said.

“Until we do see evidence that it does in fact rain in Tuscaloosa, we will wait before taking any steps in any directions,” Sparkman said.


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Light rain floods campus