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Creative co-op to showcase student gallery in Lloyd

Noelle Brake

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On Friday, students will get to see the work of their peers in Creative Co-op’s first gallery of student art.

The gallery, titled “The Aesthetic,” will display a collection of student work that will be available to purchase. The opening will display extra art that night only, which will not be for sale.

“The Aesthetic contains several artists’ work, all of them Creative Co-op members,” said Charlie Bice, a Creative Campus intern and senior majoring in international studies and Spanish. “It’s mostly art students looking to sell work they’ve created over the years.”

The variety of artwork for sale will include paintings, photography, drawings, prints, handmade books and stationery.

Not only will students and guests be able to see artwork created by students but also find out about the club itself.

“If students are interested in learning more about the co-op or becoming members, this is a great opportunity to learn more,” said Ally Mabry, president of Creative Co-op and junior majoring in studio art.

Lori Taylor, a junior majoring in fine arts, will be displaying a type of print called Intaglio, where a design is etched onto a plate of metal, brushed in ink, and then a sheet of paper is pressed over the depressions making an image.

“I’ve been part of Creative Co-Op since it started,” Taylor said. “And I really like the idea of teaching others how to get their artwork to the public. We, as art students, need to know how to display our art for the public, and there aren’t many classes on it. It’s important for an art major to know, and it’s hard to find an outlet to sell your work.”

Mo Fiorella, a second year graduate candidate for the MFA in Book Arts, will be showing some handmade books containing poetry.

“It’s just an easy, fun opportunity, and it’s a good way to support Creative Co-Op,” Fiorella said. “I want the group to be substantial.”

She said opening the gallery will help to advertise Creative Co-Op.

The opening reception for the gallery will be Friday at 6:30 p.m in 216 Lloyd. The collection will be displayed until Feb. 28, with the bonus artwork to be shown only on opening night.

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Creative co-op to showcase student gallery in Lloyd