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Engineering students to put on show

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By Lacey Ezekiel

Talented theater students can be found not only in Rowand-Johnson Hall, but also at H.M. Comer.

The University of Alabama College of Engineering Does Amateur Radical Theatre is performing “Oh Horrors! It’s Murder!,” a musical mystery comedy performed by the engineering students themselves.

There will be two performances tonight at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. The performance will take place in H.M. Comer Room 126, and admission will be $5 for all ages. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

“Oh Horrors! It’s Murder!” takes place in a museum with a professor who suddenly dies, along with missing jewelry, when all of a sudden, the lights go out. There will also be some comic relief with funny songs and dances.

“We pick outrageous comedies and absurd acts,” said Hannah Bigham, director of the play and a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering. “We just like to have fun and hope the audience has fun.”

“There is a lot of audience participation,” said Elizabeth Junkin, musical choreographer of the play and a junior majoring in chemical engineering. “The audience will be able to interact and ask the actors questions.”

However, unlike regular plays, the audience will have the opportunity to interrogate the different actors who witnessed the murder and the missing jewelry.

“The audience better be prepared to be confronted by the actors,” Bigham said.

Bigham said the COE Does ART program has a different kind of performing style than the traditional theatre acting found in the theatre majors. They do not take it so seriously and do it for fun and as a stress reliever, Bigham said.

Bigham was chosen this year as director of the production due to her past experience with theater. She was involved with theater for four years in high school, participated with the Guerilla Theatre on campus and was also involved in the COE ART play last fall.

Junkin said the COE has allows had a good turn out for their events, but hopes for a better turnout this year with this mystery musical being scheduled around the A-Day Game.

“We have increased actors, too,” Junkin said. “We have between 15 and 20 students.”

There are a wide range of COE students studying various fields of engineering who are involved with the musical mystery comedy.

Junkin said the COE Does ART program is great for students who do not have time for the traditional theater schedule and would like to act while pursuing engineering.

“We schedule the practice times around engineering students schedules, and we are very understanding,” Junkin said.

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Engineering students to put on show