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Not only for feminine flair, lace can be a daring detail

Bianca Martin

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When one thinks of lace, things like Southern ladies’ gloves or vintage embroideries may come to mind – or maybe those horrible church socks your mother made you wear.

Lace has always been a part of fashion’s staple textiles and continues to pop up in designs each year. It is popular for good reason: Lace has the ability to keep an outfit innocent, yet flirty.

The sheer material was predicted to be popular this spring. Many designers during Fashion Week last fall showcased lace heavily in their spring and resort 2014 collections. The designers showed off the feminine textile in non-traditional forms. Valentino used it in a dress that had a masculine, regal feel. Chloe and Stella McCartney took the trend and made it a little more daring, accenting deep necklines and short skirts with lace.

The lacy trend is here to add a little mystery to the explosive skin-bearing phenomenon that came out last year. With stores like Brandy Melville celebrating bare midriffs with their many cropped tops and cut-out dresses, showing more skin quickly became popular. I own several cropped tops that still leave me a little insecure, even if I’m only showing an inch of stomach.

Lace has come back to cover up while still being daring, adding fun and pattern to what otherwise is just bare skin. For instance, one of my favorite outfits is a peplum halter top with lace covering the plunging neckline and back. I pair it with distressed skinny jeans and a pair of chunky heels for a night out. The lace adds femininity and modesty to the outfit but still allows it to be stylish and flirty.

No matter your personal style, lace is a trend to look into. If you are into the most feminine outfits, you can definitely find lace tops and dresses at stores like Forever 21 and on websites like If you love the bohemian style, brands like Free People are big on lace and use it in many dresses and peasant tops.

If the idea of lace turns you off due to its stereotypical girliness, have no fear. Throughout the years, lace has been used in edgier ways. Stores like Charlotte Russe have many clothes with sexy lace detail that are great for going out without showing too much skin. Try a bodycon dress with lace sleeves or a top with an all-lace back. To make it a little more grungy, pair the lacy top or dress with a leather jacket or boots.

With frivolous fabrics coming back into fashion yet again and availability at an all-time high, lace is definitely a trend to try. It is especially great in the spring because it is a cooling fabric that can keep you from burning up. It can be used in any occasion and instantly adds interesting detail to your outfit. So have fun, and give the lacy trend a try.

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Not only for feminine flair, lace can be a daring detail