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Celebrating my time in college

Regan Williams

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This has been an amazing four years here at the Capstone. The University of Alabama has given me so many opportunities to grow and change; however, it was difficult to start. College Republicans on campus gave me the jumpstart to my involvement.

I found this group to be incredibly helpful for me. The contacts I made in this group were so very special to me, both professionally and as friends.

I also learned so much about myself, and though at times there were struggles, I feel like I learned a lot from my time in the College Republicans. Every opportunity to meet candidates and young people who cared will forever be a part of my memory.

This campus’s College Republicans really have done such an amazing job since I left, and to the leadership who took over, I say bravo. You all did such a good job of keeping such a unique and important group together. I know first hand that it is a hard thankless job.

After serving as the chair of College Republicans, I found new opportunities for involvement. The SGA was another great way to keep me busy, and I want to thank everyone in the organization for motivating me.

Besides involvement, I want to thank all the professors who got my fellow classmates and me through the last four years. You all have been such an inspiration to me, and without you all I would not have grown nearly as much as an individual.

I would like to specifically thank the communication studies department, its faculty and its students. It has been a rock in these shaky seas that have been college. I have learned so much from the challenges in these classes from fellow classmates and from the teachers. These have been truly special relationships.

To underclassmen and future freshmen, I say good luck and cherish every moment because it only lasts so long. Take advantage of every moment and every opportunity because they all mean so much. You would be surprised how much you wish you did in your four years here.

It seems like just yesterday I was a young freshman walking around campus without a clue. The years have been great, and I will miss them so much.

Regan Williams was the chair of the University of Alabama chapter of College Republicans.

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Celebrating my time in college