Pi Kappa Alpha sued for hazing

A pledge of the Gamma Alpha chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, who alleges that he was seriously injured during hazing in September 2009, filed a lawsuit electronically on Aug. 12 of this year against the fraternity and 10 of its members.

The lawsuit contends that, as the result of wrongful conduct by the fraternity members being charged, the pledge, Thomas Scott Willoch, suffered severe and permanent bodily injuries, physical pain and severe mental distress when he was dropped out of a truck onto the pavement while unconscious.

Willoch says in his lawsuit that he required medical treatment and has been hospitalized repeatedly since the time of the alleged hazing, has and will continue to incur medical expenses and is incapacitated and unable to seek or obtain employment.

Willoch is suing the fraternity and the 10 members named for negligence in providing alcohol to a minor, allowing him to be hurt while unconscious, and failing to transport him to a hospital for treatment after he sustained his injuries.

He is seeking damages for physical and emotional harm, past and future medical bills, and wages lost due to his loss of earning capacity.

Willoch’s attorney, R. Randy Edwards, declined to comment on the pending lawsuit.

“No one on our side is going to talk to you about this,” said Edwards, a former Alabama football player under Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.

According to the court records, Willoch enrolled at the University of Alabama as a freshman for the Fall 2009 semester, accepted a bid from the University’s chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, and, in September, was asked to come to the fraternity house for a swap with the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.

“While at the House, Thomas Scott Willoch was surrounded by members of the

Local Chapter in the main lobby of the Chapter House and made to drink excessive amounts of intoxicating beverages,” the lawsuit said. “As a result, he became extremely intoxicated and lost consciousness on the floor where he remained unconscious and nonresponsive.”

In his lawsuit, Willoch alleges that while he was unconscious, the Pi Kappa Alphas moved him to a truck. While within, one of them opened the passenger door of the truck and Willoch fell out, striking his head on the pavement and sustaining injuries to his head and neck.

The lawsuit alleges that after his injury, Willoch was put back into the truck and driven to his apartment, where the Pi Kappa Alphas left him for the evening. Willoch claims that the next morning, he awoke on the living room floor in great pain and covered with blood and vomit.

“UA is not part of this lawsuit and we have no comment on it,” said Cathy Andreen, director of media relations for the University. “That is our only comment.”

Each of the ten members of the fraternity who are named in the lawsuit declined to comment.

Gentry McCreary, director of Greek Affairs, and Dakota Peterson, president of the Interfraternity Council, which serves as the governing body of fraternities on campus, also had no comment about the lawsuit.

  • Anonymous

    When are these idiot fraternities going to learn that hazing is dangerous? I hope these guys don’t call themselves men because they are nothing  but cowardly little boys. I hope they all pay for what they did.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LXL4ZEFJCKP3ZPR32CVQITSCA4 Howard

    Where is the university in all of this?  Why aren’t upper level administrators being held responsible for permitting hazing to have become part of college life at Alabama?  Hazing and campus safety are not compatible.

    Howard Robboy, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of sociology, The College of New Jersey
    Advisory Board, Security on Campus, Inc.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t hazing. It sounds like the kid drank way too much, was with people that drank way too much, and an unfortunate event happened from it. If he’s waiting till now to sue, he probably chose a major where he can’t find a job, and figures this way will get him a paycheck till then.

    • Anonymous

      “‘While at the House, Thomas Scott Willoch was surrounded by members of the Local Chapter in the main lobby of the Chapter House and made to drink excessive amounts of intoxicating beverages,’ the lawsuit said.”That is unequivocally an incident of hazing. 

      • Anonymous

        So they held him down and forced alcohol down his throat with him shouting no? Doubt it. It’s just a freshman wanting to impress the older guys and have bragging rights that he can hold his booze better than any of his pledge brothers. He’s just trying to make it sound like it he was forced to get money. He could have made the conscience decision to not drink, but he was trying to “loosen up” so it would be easier to talk to the girls. It happens at any party, not greek, but  any party that’s ever been thrown.

        • Anonymous

          you sir, are full of it. sh

          • Anonymous

            You sir, have not been to a swap apparently.

        • Anonymous

          you sir, are full of it. sh

    • http://www.facebook.com/Carey.Brian.A Brian Carey

      You neglect to comment on not only did they bring him into a truck he then unconsciously fell out of due to their actions (opening the door), but they also refused to bring him to a hospital, instead dropping him off at his house while bloody and unconscious and soon to vomit. That’s negligence, they were there when it happened to it is their duty, especially since they’re supposed to be his frat bros, to look after him.

  • http://www.legalfunding.com/ David Smethie

    There has been a rash of lawsuits concerning hazing and fraternities. Fraternities have to come to the realization of times changing from the type of stuff that was considered horseplay now is a lawsuit. There were many reports of people dying from hazing and that has sensitized the country on the whole subject.

  • David Born

    I am a proud 4 year Alumni of Pi Kappa Alpha, Houston Epsilon Eta Chapter. This is not the norm-Our pledges were not allowed to get drunk..or even drink as pledges..they were not MEMBERS yet, just pledges….they were busy getting us drunk..cleaning up..preparing partys..driving us around, earning the right to be members. This was totally wrong and that chapter is in serious trouble. They were suppose to protect the pledges, the future of the chapter,not harm them physically. In 1988 all rush party’s were declared to be dry for all school asscociated Fraternity’s at The University of Houston.

    • http://www.momstinfoilhat.wordpress.com MomTFH

      Parties, not party’s. Fraternities, not fraternity’s. I guess tutoring and grammar were not something you were busy doing, either. Not an English major, huh? But proud!