UA investigates fight at Delta Chi fraternity house

Early Saturday night a fight occurred at the Delta Chi fraternity house between members of the fraternity and three black Alabama A&M University students who were invited to the house by a fraternity member, according to an email from University President Robert Witt.

The University of Alabama Police Department continues to investigate the situation, according to the email. Delta Chi has been issued a Student Non-Academic Misconduct citation, which is issued when a University Police Officer believes students may have violated the Code of Student Conduct.

Trent Smith, president of Delta Chi, said members of the fraternity and alumni were shocked to read about the incident in Witt’s email and the inference that fraternity members used racial slurs. Delta Chi is conducting an investigation into the allegations racial slurs were used.

Smith said at approximately 2:30 a.m., four males, three black, one white, entered the fraternity house uninvited and were asked to leave after one of the four became disruptive.

One or more of the individuals threw a planter through a window of the house and damaged the windows and front door, he said.

“Delta Chi condemns the use of any language that is disrespectful to any other person, and particularly does not condone the use of racial slurs,” Smith said in a statement. “Delta Chi supports the University’s zero tolerance policy against racially offensive language and supports the use of the highest and best standards of respect and civility by all members of Delta Chi.”

UA Spokeswoman Cathy Andreen said she is not aware of any injuries, and that she is not aware of any firearms being involved.

In addition, all activities for the fraternity have been suspended until Judicial Affairs has completed a hearing of the incident.

Delta Chi has filed a criminal mischief report for destruction of property at the fraternity house, according to the email.

“I am extremely disappointed that racially offensive language has once again been used on our campus,” Witt said in the email. “As an institution, through actions and conversations, we are working diligently to make sure we create and maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.”

Witt went on to say that he cannot emphasize enough that efforts need to be supported and reaffirmed through individual decisions.

Adrienne McCollum, president of the Social Work Association for Cultural Awareness, said she has met with Witt and Executive Vice President and Provost Judy Bonner to discuss concerns with previous emails dealing with racial incidents.

McCollum said she was happy with the email that was sent to students Saturday morning because of the details included.

“I think they did a really good job of letting us know what happened and what they’re doing about it,” she said.

As more details emerge regarding the event, check future issues of The Crimson White for more information.

  • Shwurflin

    I bet the CW loves this. Witt sent a premature email before all the facts were collected and was just trying to cover himself. The facts are: three individuals came into a house, were being disruptive, were asked to leave, and started breaking items around the house.
    “McCollum said she was happy with the email that was sent to students Saturday morning because of the details included.”—WHAT??? Why would anybody be happy about a situation like this at all, regardless of the circumstances? The CW has shown how low they will go to publish junk. Witt also messed this one up by sending a CYA email very prematurely.

    • Anonymous

      You’ll notice the statement from Delta Chi refuting Dr. Witt’s email is also included in the article. Or did you skip that part?

    • Anonymous

      Could it be that the fraternity members used slurs while the group was inside the house that made them disruptive?

    • Justice Sean Hudson

      1. I think Adrienne was happy at the fact that this email provided more information than the previous email. 
      2. Unless you were actually there, I am not readily to accept that the disruptive behavior was started without some people using some sort of language. Let us be honest, when drinking is involved (which I am sure it was), people tend to say stuff that normally do not say.
      3. Should we really be mad at the CW for reporting the facts….remember, they are the STUDENT newspaper, so they only know the information that is readily available to them and us as well.

      I respect you opinion to fullest Shwurflin, but I do not think we should complain about the CW or Witt in their efforts to promote a more inclusive campus….

      • Anonymous

        “2. Unless you were actually there, I am not readily to accept that the
        disruptive behavior was started without some people using some sort of
        language. Let us be honest, when drinking is involved (which I am sure
        it was), people tend to say stuff that normally do not say.”

        Justice Sean Henderson? If you are a man of law as your name suggests then you would know the burden of proof is on you to prove that this happened. Of course you would assume that it happened the way that best supports your stance on the incident….

  • Brohommed Ali

    Completely agree Shwurflin. I don’t see why the CW, and University as a whole, insists on being so bleeding heart about issues like this, rather than focusing on the real issue of the matter. These three gentlemen showed up, acted a fool, and destroyed the property of others. And the main issue is that the real victims here are the ones who are being persecuted for not being happy about it.

    Complete nonsense. Witt should be ashamed, as should the CW.

    • Connor Edward Blackwell

      it is not clear if the black students were or were not invited to the frat house. Obviously it was a big enough situation for Witt to e-mail every student and let them know about what happened. Witt has covered up enough for the frats in this school and he is getting tired of the fact that racial issues are one again present. 

    • Anonymous

      However, even if these guys were in fact damaging property, there was no reason for the incident to become a racial one. Maybe this fraternity had a right to “not be happy about it.” That does not justify racism. If the details of this story are in fact correct, then this incident is not unique. Sure, only a handful of the members of this fraternity committed an act motivated by hatred. But the individuals that make up these organizations who would do such things continue to add up. Let the police investigate, but maybe we should inform the biology department as well. A small number of these fraternity houses seem to be petri dishes for racist phlegm.

      • Anonymous

        A black Sig Ep was the one that said the N word. He said if you don’t want to be called N’s don’t act like it. The Sig Ep was invited to the house and helped throw the guys causing the trouble out.

    • Daniel Owen

      How is the CW being bleeding heart? By writing an objective news piece that allows Delta Chi to tell its side of a developing news story about it? Would you rather they not have written about it at all and allowed the students to form their own opinions based only on the words of Witt? 

    • Brittney Owens

      The CW is doing what a newspaper does, and that’s telling news. Those three young men that showed up from A&M had no right to do what they did, AT ALL. But those few brothers from Delta Chi had NO RIGHT to say what they said, either. Should they simply report the story and conveniently leave out the actual cause of the fight, therefore conveniently allowing those of us who are in denial about the ugly racial undertones of the past that still exist on this campus to simply overlook it all? No. Try again. Both sides were wrong for their behavior, get real.

  • Jamal Commander

    They WERE invited by a fraternity member of Delta Chi. The Fraternity member who invited them knew them. Their frat brothers called the African-American students a racial slur which then provoked them to getting in a fight and breaking things. This university is trying to make it seem like 3 individuals of color completely disrupted the Delta Chi house for no reason. Delta Chi are not the victims here so stop acting like it.

    • Anonymous

      And you know this how?

    • Anonymous

      @Jscott280 3 niggas beat all the frat brothers…they dont have a scratch 
      Ah, nice tweet there buddy. Seems you like using the word that offends you so much……

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Nope that’s Jamal Commander’s tweet. Click on the link and scroll down. You’ll see several tweets with that word in it from him.Just pointing out the hypocrisy.

          • Jamal Commander

            Haha so you go on my twitter..and point out that i used the n-word to my fellow followers. But what you fail to realize is this isn’t my battle we’re fighting here. What i do and say does not contradict at all what i believe. I believe that if someone uses the N-word in a derogatory or offensive fashion which is used mainly by Caucasians these days as previous accounts have shown then the situation turns sticky but in casual conversation as MANY african-americans do i may use the word in a different context. Any smart knowledgeable person would know the difference between offensive and non-offensive language i would hope so.

          • Anonymous

            What I’m saying is if it’s an offensive word, then it does not need to be used in any context at all period. Using the f-word still gets a movie an R rating no matter what context it is used in. You are pretty much just advocating a double standard. You’re practically saying it’s ok for African Americans to use it, but not whites. I know no one is fighting your battle, but you act like the four in question were completely innocent. Those kids were not invited there. I’d love to know the name of the brother that “invited” them. But of course judging by your twitter a brother tried to talk to you about it, but you refuse to acknowledge his side cause you “have a reliable source.” You may not like me looking at your twitter, but it shows the kind of person you are, like calling girls “hoes” which is offensive to girls. Or is it cause you used it in the right context then it’s ok?

          • Anonymous

            VictoryLap is desperately trying to defend his racist buddies and it is quite obviously failing at it. Words take on a meaning in the context in which they are used. Words carry no moral weight when they stand alone. It’s not offensive to come across the “n-word” in the dictionary. It is undeniably offensive to scream that word at a black guy (your comment suggests you have witnessed that it is also unwise to do this if said black guy is bigger than you are). Why? Because, when used in an offensive manner, words like that one are frenzied attempts to undo the noble history of the American civil rights movement.  Stop trying to rationalize the fact that you and your friends are prejudiced. Your thinking puts you in the company of a paltry, small-minded, backwards and backwoods group of people that, for everyone’s benefit, should really stop trying so hard to embarrass itself. Find a history class, or better yet, just find some class.

          • Anonymous

            I have idiot. You’re still defending the double standard of it just like every African American does. Black people can use it to mean to offend each other, but it’s completely ok. Bill Cosby said it best in his Pound Cake day speech. The African Americans fought so hard not to be called that through the Civil Rights movement, but now use it so much that they can’t even spell it right. I’m not prejudiced, I’m just simply pointing out the double standard here. That’s why I brought up Mr. Commander using the word hoes to describe girls. It’s offensive to imply a girl is of ill repute when you call a group of them that. That’s why you don’t here girls among themselves calling themselves that.

          • Anonymous

            Bravo, you have explained away racism! What a shame you were not around a half-century ago. Before you go, perhaps you can clear up one more issue.
            You seem to be making one (or both) of two arguments.

            A. Racially charged terms are really bad and no one should use them, black or white. … That sounds perfectly fine to me. In that case, your buddies might have made a mistake here.

            B. Racially charged terms are actually friendly words. When the “uninvited” (your adjective) African-American guys showed up at the party, your buddies greeted them with these cheery phrases, and then started throwing punches.

            Nobody cares how words beginning with the letter N are used outside of this situation. We are talking about how they were used in this specific context. 
            The question is: Are these guys racist? The answer: Yes. They are very, very racist.

            “Just like every African-American does.”
            Clearly no stereotyping here…

          • Anonymous

            You act like you were there. You weren’t and neither was I. What if these guys actually broke in and tore up the house like the fraternity said? Then you are guilty of violating one of the basic rules of the American judiciary system: innocent until proven guilty. You are willing to persecute these guys at a moments notice. Heck their dang president is Latino just look him up on facebook. These guys threw a huge porch flower pot threw their window. I saw it when I drove by the other day. This story could go either way. Whitt sent that email only 5 hours after the incident. I do not believe Whitt woke up at 3:00 A.M. to review the facts till he sent the email at 7:15 A.M. What if he did not get all of the facts straight and has made a error in judgement to condem this fraternity?
            I see what you did there, trying to take my words out of context, nice try, but not going to work. You trying to act like I said every African American says the N word, no they do not. You said screaming the N word at a black guy is racially charged, well what if an African American guy yells it at another African American, is it racist in your eyes? By the way you talk here, no it is not. So much wrong with that position.

  • Joe Parmer

    “three black Alabama A&M University students who were invited to the house by a fraternity member”
    “four males, three black, one white, entered the fraternity house uninvited”
    Clarity on this issue tells the story. I can’t make heads or tails of this report without knowing which of these is true.

  • Anonymous

    This is getting ridiculous. Why doesn’t Witt send an e-mail EVERY time someone is called an offensive name, racial or not?

    Surely in the last 4 years I’ve been on this campus someone has reported verbal harassment of a non-racial nature. I don’t recall any e-mails then. 

  • Amelia Webber


    • Brittney Owens

      You get  called a n**ger by someone of a generation where these things are supposed to no longer play a role in people’s characterization’s of who you are as a person and then talk. Otherwise, help to change it and you won’t have to hear it anymore. It is annoying, but it just happens so much more than it should around here.