UA announces cancellation of fraternity pledgeship

Assistant Dean of Students Lowell Davis announced the cancellation of University of Alabama fraternity pledgeship today at 12:30 p.m. in a meeting with Interfraternity Council fraternity presidents. Davis stated fraternities should begin initiation of new members as soon as possible.

“No hell week is to take place and, I quote, if hell week does take place, there will be hell to pay from the University of Alabama,” Davis said. “So please, understand that we take any allegation seriously and that we will not continue to let anything happen as it revolves around pledgeship here at the University of Alabama.”

Kat Gillan, director of Greek Affairs, and Ryan Powell, assistant director of Greek Affairs, also attended the meeting.

Davis said the University will send out a press release around 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon outlining allegations that have been phoned into the hazing hotline. Organizations that have met with Judicial Affairs, Davis, or the director of Greek Affairs about hazing hotline allegations will be named in the press release.

“Anything that has come across our desk, as well as confirmed allegations, as well as possible sanctions for members,” Davis said of what will be included in the press release. “Names are not mentioned, but the organization will be mentioned, as well as what has happened to those individuals.”

Davis said that some fraternities require fall semester grades to come in before they initiate new members, but Greek and Student Affairs will continue to work with organizations to make initiation happen.

“Different organizations have different rules on initiation, so we understand that,” Davis said. “We want to work with those organizations; however, please remember that you’ve turned in pledge programs, so we know when and if you can initiate your guys at this point.”

In a 1:30 p.m. meeting with pledge class presidents, Davis reiterated that pledgeship was cancelled for the semester and that the possibility of spring pledgeship would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

“As we continue to monitor pledge programs and initiation processes for organizations this year, we will convene a group of individuals to figure out what the pledge programs will look like next year,” Davis said. “Pledgeship is over. This is a final decision from our vice president of student affairs, it is final. It is over effective of 1 p.m. today. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Davis said fraternities will be able to conduct initiation and rituals in their houses, but an advisor must attend all ritual events.

A press conference is planned to take place at 4 p.m. on the steps of the Rose Administration Building. Follow @CW_Live and @TheCrimsonWhite on Twitter for live updates.

“There is a new day at the University of Alabama, a new president, and we cannot allow the things that have possibly taken place in the past to continue to happen,” Davis said.

  • Vinny

    Pledge ship is optional. You don’t HAVE to do anything.

    • Brett Barger


  • Audemus_Jura_Nostra_Defendere

    “There is a new day at the University of Alabama, a new president, and
    we cannot allow the things that have possibly taken place in the past to
    continue to happen,”

    Oh snap you guys.

    • Brett Barger

      He’s mentally retarded

      • Audemus_Jura_Nostra_Defendere

        Or maybe he’s not a stooge like Witt was.

  • Ben Hogan

    Davis should apologize to all the sororities because pomping just got a whole lot harder.

  • butt chugger

    In her defense she did have big boobs

  • Mitchell

    This is absolutely asinine. Pledging is 100% optional and has existed for over a hundred years. Why is it that people who have had no part in our long-standing traditions trying to come in and change it for us? And I’ll refute the “BUT ITS ILLEGAL TO HAZE/ YOUR NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS SIGNED ANTI-HAZING AGREEMENTS” arguments that I’m sure will be posted.
    Perfect situation with the latter is the drinking age change in Louisiana. Louisiana was the last state to change and didn’t plan on it, so the federal government threatened to take highway funding away, so they changed it to 21. What is defined as hazing nowadays would be laughable and dismissed 20-50 years ago. The liberal streak in this country reared its head and drafted legislation that makes nearly anything fall under the umbrella of hazing. Have a pledge drive you somewhere? Hazing. Hey pledge hold this book for me. Hazing. Do bows and toes and pushups (If you were in high school athletics you’re more than familiar with this). ABUSE AND HAZING. Due to these ridiculous laws (passed as state laws and University rules), national fraternal organizations had no choice but to adopt anti-hazing policies as to remain credible.

    Summed up, Independents we do not try and start things with you and your organizations. Please stay out of Greek affairs of which you have no idea about. p.s. hearing something word of mouth about our traditions and rituals is not credible, as telling a story and being in the story are two different things, no matter the fancy words.

  • Rebel with a clue

    brett barger: Perhaps if you attended classes and learned a bit more, you would know that using intellectual disability as a slur in as inappropriate as racial epithets.

    • Jerry Sandusky

      Is* Take a lap GDI

  • Jerry Sandusky


  • Truth Teller from Way Back

    I was hazed heavily in my undergraduate years at this campus and I feel that it made me better off in the long run. It’s an experience that teaches discipline, perseverance, and tests dedication. When one decides to pledge on this campus they are well aware what they are getting themselves into. This is Alabama, not the Greek system at Tennessee Tech. Old traditions die hard. Thanks to university intervention hazing will now go underground and in many cases off-campus which will undoubtably result in more intense hazing more often than say once or twice a week. In conclusion, bow and toes, wall sits, up downs, super 21′s, etc will live on. Viva La Resistance. Join the Green Moose Party as this war over real pledgeship is fought in the trenches, basements, woods, and off-campus residences across this great city.

    • Jerry Sandusky

      We need a coordinated strike on these GDI administrators. Make them regret every being born!!! SANDUSKY 2012