Ideas for holiday outfits you can recycle

Well, it’s that time of year again: the seemingly never-ending holiday season. You get Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s back-to-back. But let’s be honest. Even with all that holiday cash, most college students are on a tight outfit budget for all of the upcoming festivities. So, what’s a fashionista to do? Recycle.

All you need is a few basics to get through any holiday season: a great pair of tailored pants, a fitted jacket of your choosing (leather bomber, wool pea coat or whatever), a chunky sweater (which is very in right now), a pair of heels, a pair of boots and a few tees to throw around.

For Thanksgiving: With all the turkey and ham, you’re going to want to go with a more comfortable outfit. After all, you’re around your family, so it’s okay to go a little more casual. I promise Grandma won’t mind. Pair some fitted – but not too tight – jeans with a comfy sweater and knee-high boots. For extra coziness, grab a scarf and some thick socks to peek out above your shoes for a pop of color. Since Thanksgiving is a time for family, if you have any simple jewelry or accessories gifted to you, break them out to show your appreciation.

For Christmas: Depending on how fancy your family dinner is, the same pair of tailored jeans you wore for Thanksgiving works for Christmas too. If it’s chilly, take this as a cue to layer your look. Start off with a graphic tee or a neutral tank. Throw on a chambray button-down for a more casual look and a chiffon button-down for a more classy option (Just be sure to wear a tank under your see-through top. You don’t want to scare Grandpa). That great jacket you own works in both instances. Lastly, if your family dinner is dressy, find a pair of chunky heels in a bold color, like red or primary blue, to give your look some life. If your dinner is more casual with a few kids running wild, your Thanksgiving boots will do just fine.

For New Year’s: Whether you’re ringing in the New Year at home with Mom and Dad or throwing a kegger with your Alabama friends, you’ll need the perfect dress. Go a little out of your comfort zone for New Year’s. Aside from Halloween, it’s the perfect holiday to rock a sparkly black dress, a frilly frock or even a swatch of crimson lipstick. The same bold heels you wore a week ago on Christmas are perfect for a night of fun and partying. If you’re at home, it’s still okay to dress up. Opt for a silk dress and neon oxford shoes for a playful New Year’s wardrobe. Don’t forget the crazy 2013 glasses to top it off.

I know some people think recycling fashion or clothes is a bigger sin than breaking the 10 Commandments, but when the holidays roll around, it’s a perfect solution to looking fabulous and saving some cash for all the post-season sales. Plus, when working with neutrals and wardrobe staples, you really can’t go wrong. Happy holidays everyone!