Former SGA officer removed from meeting by UAPD

By Rich Robinson, Melissa Brown

Officers dispatched from the Univesity of Alabama Police Department removed former SGA Executive Vice President Matt Harris from a meeting of the First Year Council on Nov. 29.

“Matt Harris is no longer the Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association,” SGA Press Secretary Meagan Bryant said in a statement. “He was asked to leave Thursday’s meeting which was only open to First Year Councilors and the Director of FYC.”

Cathy Andreen, the director of Media Relations for The University of Alabama confirmed the police were asked to respond to the situation.

“UAPD was called to [the] Ferguson Center regarding an individual who was attending a meeting that he was not authorized to attend,” Andreen said.

No record of arrest existed at the UAPD station. The Crimson White requested a copy of the incident report, but the request was denied.

Harris was previously removed from office on Nov. 13 due to “personal circumstances,” according to an email sent from SGA President Matt Calderone.

In an emailed statement, Andreen explained the differences between public and nonpublic information with regards to UAPD activities.

“UAPD posts all Incident/Offense reports on the kiosk in the lobby of the police station,” Andreen said. “These reports document criminal acts or criminal charges and are public information. Individuals may request a printed copy of the information posted on the kiosk but it may take a week or more to obtain these copies.”

Andreen went on to explain incident reports are internal documents that are part of the information gathering and information management process.

“They generally involve information that is non-criminal in nature and they are not public information,” she said.

Staff Reporter Madison Roberts contributed to this report.  


  • Eric Samuel Isaacson

    Why are you covering this? He is no longer a public figure. No self respecting paper would cover this in the real world. In fact they would be afraid of covering this due to the real potential of a lawsuit. It must have been a real slow day or you just won’t focus on the real news stories like what is happening at the campus of Alabama State University. That very well could be what is occuring at our campus. This is absolutely disgusting! I would take this story down immediately. This man has helped the University continuously through charity fundraisers, carrying out leadership positions and excelling in his academics. Grow up and start reporting real stories! Also, do your research on stories. When you published your article about Art Museums and cultural places in the State of Alabama you forgot to mention the one in Montgomery, The Montgmoery Museum of Fine Arts, which is famous for its John Singer Sargent collection and the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Infact you left out the Montgomery area altogher.

    • Brad Erthal

      The media can’t cover the activities of private citizens, even when the story is entirely factual? This is news to me, and I am willing to bet it is big news to the tabloids and celebrity magazines, who will probably cease publication immediately.

    • Bonnie Linton Solloway

      You’re a good man EI….a very good man. mrs. s.

      • Brad Erthal

        You must know something I don’t know. I see a petulant boy throwing a tantrum and accusing people who are just doing their jobs of nefarious something-or-other, while simultaneously insinuating a conspiracy at the top of the University’s administration.