Bonner’s behavior similar to Rowling’s Dolores Umbridge

If you’re familiar with Harry Potter, and if you keep up with campus news, then you’re sure to see how recent events at the Capstone have paralleled Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts and how President Bonner’s behavior closely resembles that of Headmistress Dolores Umbridge.

Consider the following: This year, we had a change in the University’s highest administrative position. This change occurred shortly after our former president made controversial decisions regarding pledgeship, much like Dumbledore’s ousting after his actions convinced many he was overstepping the limits of his position. (There isn’t conclusive evidence connecting the two in the University’s case, but there was a leadership change, and the events were only two weeks apart.)

Moreover, following this vacancy, the committee of mostly old, wealthy, powerful men charged with overseeing the institution’s operations filled it with a female whose unquestionable loyalty made her a perfect candidate. (Bonner was picked by the Board of Trustees, Umbridge by the Ministry of Magic.)

This new administrator is more conservative than her predecessors and pushes her ethical and moral agenda onto those with whom she doesn’t see eye-to-eye. (Bonner’s drug email and Umbridge’s educational decrees.)

Because of her antiquated prejudices, Bonner aided investigations and raids of student residences for harmless behavior that’s common at universities. Likewise, Umbridge oversaw the persecution of many harmless wizards during her ‘Muggle-Born Registration Commission.’

Furthermore, when accurate reports of sexual consent problems on campus were published, Bonner denied these facts and responded by calling the whistle-blowers liars, just as Umbridge did when Dumbledore professed Voldemort’s return.

Finally, as intellectual freedom and quality of life at Hogwarts were jeopardized during Umbridge’s fictitious reign, our freedoms and quality of life have also been threatened by the actions of our president and her minions, which she used as weapons against the students they’re supposed to protect.

As humorous as some parallels might seem, we should be concerned by how this administration observes and reacts to problems troubling our university. Sexual violence is not a fictional antagonist. It’s a real problem that’s being swept under the rug, and anyone believing it doesn’t warrant prosecution to the fullest extent of the law (whilst simultaneously cracking down on marijuana users) has no business administering a university.

Also, when four football players were arrested following the beating and robbery of two students on campus, there was no email stressing those responsible would “receive sanctions up to and including expulsion,” or that the University has a “zero tolerance policy” for muggers. Text alerts weren’t even sent out after a second student was attacked.

Being unable to walk across campus, or to attend a party, without the fear of getting mugged or raped is the antithesis of security – something listed as one of the University’s “top priorities” in her email.

I hope President Bonner reads this because, she should know that if she’s truthfully “committed to leading the way for every student who chooses to be successful in (their) academic and personal endeavors,” then she can start by getting out of our way; we already made that choice when deciding to attend this university.

If she’s concerned about drug use on campus, she should use her resources to help those she feels need it, but an arrest record and expulsion doesn’t help anyone succeed, and it certainly isn’t an achievement worth celebrating.

She ended her email with, “Together, we will focus on the highest possible ethical, moral and legal standards.”

Unethical is the behavior of a president who spends months supporting an operation with intent to imprison, fine and expel her students for committing a victimless crime, leaving them with no degree, a police record and little chance of attending another institution of higher education.

Immoral is a president who disregards factually sound articles about serious issues as “not as accurate as we would hope.”

So with all due deference, Madam President, I ask that you keep your disingenuous emails to yourself from now on (and try to avoid any meandering herds of angry centaurs).

Chris Brummond is a junior majoring in international relations.

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  • Chris Brummond

    For the record, that last paragraph was supposed to read, “So with all due deference, Madam President, I ask that you keep your INCONSISTENT MORAL STANDARDS and disingenuous emails to yourself from now on (and try to avoid any meandering herds of angry centaurs).”

    • Tony H

      Was it edited out, or do you often go back to things you write and wish you had added more?

  • Jeffrey Scissom

    I agree and understand that the use and possession of marijuana is not a crime that has any direct victims, other than those hurt by those using the drug (even though there can be arguments made that this is incorrect), but you can’t complain about getting arrested for doing something that is illegal. It was a crime that these students were arrested for. They took that chance when they bought, used or distributed the drug. Just because you don’t agree with the law, doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply to you.

    Again, though, I’ll say I don’t think it should be a crime to possess of use marijuana, but until that changes, they weren’t wrongfully accused or arrested, so I don’t see the comparison.

    • vortmax

      You can’t complain about getting arrested for doing something that is illegal. It was a crime that Rosa Parks was arrested for. She took that chance when she refused to give up her seat and comply with the Montgomery city segregation ordinance. Just because she disagreed with the law, doesn’t mean it didn’t apply to her.

      • BAMAToNE

        It’s all about consequence. Rosa Parks did what she did because she was fed up with unjust laws, and was ready to accept the consequences of her actions by breaking one of these laws.

        These students violated what they obviously believe to be an unjust law, but they (and many of the people complaining about the arrests), were wholly unprepared for the consequences. This was not done in a public setting to publicly flaunt the law in an effort to effect change.

        You gotta ask yourself about risk/reward. Rosa Parks’s risk was high, but her potential reward was also high. She started a movement. Students covertly smoking and distributing pot is a high risk behavior with no reward — beyond the short term “high,” of course. :)

        • Lord Voldemort

          I beg to differ. As a student who has had a GPA above a 4.0 for the past two semesters, I believe smoking weed provides many rewards and benefits me academically. It decreases my stress and anxiety, as well as allowing me to sleep better. Each of these factors allows me to keep my grades up and stay mentally healthy. Even after this “drug bust,” the rewards of weed significantly outweigh the relatively low risk of getting caught, for me personally.

          • David Blake Jones

            While I don’t smoke pot, I think you have the right to choose whatever works for you! The truth is that Big Pharma wants your business, and would rather you take a potentially toxic sleep pill than to smoke pot or learn to meditate.

      • Jeffrey Scissom

        I think BAMAToNE hit it spot on. Also, comparing the civil rights movement to smoking a recreational drug is a little silly. I see why you did it, but I don’t think it stands. If someone wants to schedule a pot smoking protest where everyone gets high on the quad, they would expect to get arrested. These people weren’t doing that. They were participating in an illegal activity and got caught. That’s tough. They chose to take that chance, just like Rosa Parks did. She just chose to commit the crime in public.

      • stop

        are you really comparing a law that physically oppressed people to a law against weed…

  • HoFoHe

    I pick up an issue of the Crimson White every now and then, and I usually find a couple of good articles to read. However, when I picked up this issue, this is the only article I could focus on. Your title is a great “attention-getter”, and the parallels between our University’s president and this fictional character are almost uncanny.

    Although I personally believe that the possession and use of marijuana isn’t wrong, it is still illegal. The students punished knew the risks associated with what they were doing, and chose to engage in the activities they were charged with. Although these things are illegal, I personally feel as if as though the time spent on this investigation should have been spent finding ways to slightly fix some of the issues surrounding sexual consent and, of course, the “muggings” that occurred with the ex-football players. Having my peers arrested and punished for a crime that in reality isn’t hurting anyone that chooses not to take part of does NOT make me feel safer. In fact, I feel like I have to live in constant fear of the police. I feel like they are there, not to keep me safe, but only to catch me doing something I’m not supposed to do. The University has made such a big deal out of the drugs on and around campus, that I feel like they aren’t taking the violent crimes, committed by some of the people that we- as Alabama fans- cheer for, as seriously as it should be. They haven’t shown significant effort to ease the fear of walking around campus at night, but they’ve decided it was a good idea to make people afraid of the police officers that are meant to keep them safe?

    I don’t think Judy thought about it from any point of view except her own. I believe she supported the drug investigation solely as a way to make her mark on our University’s history.

    Basically, I think your article is great and I really enjoyed reading it. Judy Bonner is selfish, and doesn’t give a damn about the students at the University of Alabama.

  • Jeff McDaniel

    Great article. JuBo has gotta go. She is clueless about how this university works and out of touch with the student body. Not to mention that she blocked the construction of a two-story boathouse for the rowing team, because “it would block the view of the river from the dorms.” Yeah, because that’s important to students.

    • Anon

      “Clueless about how this university works and out of touch with the student body” How? Have you read any of her policies regarding the school? Any of her plans for the growth of the University? Or are you focusing on how she let police come onto university property and arrest students who were openly breaking a law? Whether you smoke weed or not is your decision/preference, but it is still against the law. If you’re going to do it you need to be smart and not have it/smoke it on university property. They knew what would happen if they got caught, so its no other fault than their own.

      • Jeff McDaniel

        Have you? This has nothing to do with the arrests, but has everything to do with how she is managing the university. She was handed the keys to a fine car and drove it into the ditch. She’s overwhelmed and needs to hang it up.

        • Leonard Irl Burt Dennis

          I agree Anon. Property value dumbass…. preservation of natural habitat and the efforts in the past 8 years for the river ?!?!? Go home, Jeff. You’re Drunk.

          • Jeff McDaniel

            Yet there is development up and down the river Leonard. Give me a break. It’s a boathouse for a sport that’s on the water, where else would you suggest putting it? This is just an example of how she has influenced the team for the worse.

  • Sean

    Columns like this are very necessary. Keep up the conversation and start pointing out specific problems and possible solutions. I know for a fact that at the very least some articles and columns are read by both SGA officers and University administrators, and responses have been made in the past.

    Demand more safety procedures for students on campus. Demand openness and a student voice in decision making. Make Bonner hear the students’ voices and what they feel are the real issues affecting them. There’s no guarantee anything will change, especially not immediately… but it’s definitely better than nothing. And if you get talked to for your opinions, at least you’ll have an interesting story for later in life.

  • Anon

    You do realize that you just compared a fictitious villain with our president, just because she made a drug bust… It does’t matter what your personal beliefs are about weed, end of the line is it is an illegal substance, and these students had it and were smoking it on campus property. They knew what they were doing, and they knew what the repercussions would be if they were caught, but they did it anyways. It is no ones fault but their own that they will be getting punished because they were doing ILLEGAL DRUGS on a PUBLIC COLLEGE CAMPUS.
    I do believe that more should have been done about the muggings though, if Bonner is going to be strict then she needs to be strict all over, not just in one area.

    • bamabrowneyes

      Anon, you do realize you’re missing the whole point, don’t you? Go back and read the article again. A great deal more than pot smoking is addressed here.

      • Anon

        I realize that and like I said, she needs to be more strict on everything. She should have publicized the muggings and have done something to increase safety on campus.

        • Leonard Irl Burt Dennis

          I agree.

  • Frances Loper Corwin

    I’m a mom of 2 Students. I dislike the fact that any raids were undertaken on students at the University . I would however understand IF those kids had been distributing , crack , crystal meth , synthetic designer drugs that kill , peddling Mollies , or selling coke, LSD or Heroin . This was not only a waste of efforts & money , but truly just concentrating efforts in the wrong area. If you want to do something , go after the gangs that cause problems , that bring major drugs in & who are the perps of many crimes & who often choose to murder a person as a rite of initiation . If you want to bust in on them , Please go right ahead & with my blessings .

    I am more than a bit angry & frustrated with sexual assaults not being taken seriously if this is indeed the case. I hope that the University Police do & will help ALL who are assaulted by contacting the Tuscaloosa Police & escorting them to the DCH Emergency Dept to be seen by the Physician on call in the Emergency Room . I have seen over the past few years at other Universities too many incidents of sexual assault & rape that are handed over to a review board at the University & the perp gets a slap on the wrist , & the female risks expulsion if she talks. We have come too far for this to still be happening ! What happens at the University in the case of sexual assault & rape ?
    I had assumed that the Local police would be in charge ,

    I also was very alarmed & saddened by the fact that we recently had 4 members of our football team unleash such violent assaults against 2 fellow students . It makes me wonder what else these thugs did that we do not know about ? I do however applaud Coach Saban for his swift response in dealing with them .

    As for the recent shutdown of the gathering on the quad for a funny dance to upload on line for the world to see , I am still at a loss. What would the world have seen ? They would have seen a gathering of all Nationalities , all Races , all Religions , Greeks & Non- Greeks , Geeks & Non- Geeks , Ultra Conservative & Far left Liberals . For once , a gathering for a few minutes for all to realize what a great place the University can be for ALL . But enter in University Police who pulled the plug on the Boom Box . I do feel sorry for that Member of the University Police , Surely he was Forced to do it . Surely .

  • UAstudent

    I feel like some of these people are completely missing the point of this article. Judy Bonner is a disgrace to this school. I believe there was even an article issued when she became the actual president (after our former one stepped down) that she in fact should have NOT became the next president. I understand that people were selling and smoking weed, but I have also seen that students were also arrested for have less than 0.2 grams of weed. How come she couldn’t have just done surprise inspections in the dorms where they believed this was occurring, and have the students go through the normal school sanctions as they would with alcohol. I understand arresting the students who were selling, but to use money to ruin these students lives for something that most cops wouldn’t even arrest you for if they saw you on the street, is just ridiculous. As for the sexual assault problem, I believe that she’s a complete disgrace. Sexual assault is a problem on every campus, and I know our campus tries to swipe it under the rug to help keep the image of our university upright. I also believe that she tried to keep the muggings quiet because they were players on our football team. I believe she could have stated that there were muggings and not reveal who they thought they were, and just advise us to be careful. I feel, as a student, that she doesn’t keep our safety as a priority and has proved that to us multiple times. First, we have multiple inches of snow, and she doesn’t cancel class until AFTER there have been over 20 accidents (just on campus property, not including those driving to and from campus) and one of those also included a UNIVERSITY CRIMSON RIDE BUS. We are in the south, most people don’t know how to drive in snow. And considering her own employees can’t even drive in it, why does she think it is acceptable and safe for students to drive in it. When she finally cancels class, the snow is basically gone. Then we have our first tornado issue of the year that including warnings, watches, straight lined winds and severe thunderstorms throughout the night. She even opens the Ferg for people who don’t feel safe enough to stay in their dorms/apartments. She sends an email saying that classes are reopening at 9 or 10, can’t quite remember which. But what I don’t understand is the fact that we were STILL under a watch. Personally, I don’t feel safe getting in my car and driving to campus, where I would then have to walk to a classroom if there’s any chance of having severe weather. But then I had my teachers telling us that we would lose points on our grades if we did. In who’s right mind is that a safe condition to drive through? We have the TV and radio telling us it’s not very safe, and Judy Bonner telling us we HAVE to be in class. Meanwhile, almost every student was also up the majority of the night, because after April 27th, when we hear tornado warnings and watches, it’s extremely hard to sleep. If I would have gotten pulled over and the officer thought I was too tired to drive, that’s considered a DUI. Then you have the sexual assault issue going on, and she’s sating there is no issue.

    I personally believe that she needs to go for the best interest of the students and the image of the university.

  • Sam Gerard

    Nicely done, Chris! It’s amazing how many parallels actually exist.

  • Michelle Fuentes

    The author and editors should consider the sexist language in the following statement: “Moreover, following this vacancy, the committee of mostly old, wealthy, powerful men charged with overseeing the institution’s operations filled it with a female whose unquestionable loyalty made her a perfect candidate. (Bonner was picked by the Board of Trustees, Umbridge by the Ministry of Magic.)” To place “female” next to “men” is not acceptable. Female/male refers to sex characteristics while woman/man refers to gender identity. When authors give gender identify to one group (in this case “men”) and not another (in this case “female”) it gives preference and agency to the first group. Let us always be mindful that our words are powerful.

    • Chris Brummond

      Thank you, Michelle. I’m well aware of the differences between gender and sex, and that there are a multitude of gender identities (not just man or woman), which is precisely why I decided to change the “he/she” in my quote from Bonner’s email to the more inclusive and gender neutral “(their)”. The discrepancy in word choice you pointed out was accidental, not malicious.

      • Secretly

        I’m going to second Michelle’s objection to your use of the dehumanizing “female” rather than woman. I see it all the time on the intensely mysogynistic Reddit. Animals are “female.” Human women, who deserve respect even if you dislike the way they run your university, are women.

        • Tanner Robbins

          I don’t understand why you want to attack the author (reducing his ethos) over this. He has already admitted his mistake and said he’s committed to using inclusive language. You should be criticizing our president (who has proven to be racist, homophobic, and misogynistic herself), not the person who’s going after her. We all sympathize with Michelle’s position, but it seems as if you’re trying to make his intent seem much more malicious than it is, and you’re losing focus on the real issues expressed in his op-ed.

    • D

      Wow, fancy seeing you here. We had the worst 15-minute date in history.

  • RollTideRoll

    What a great editorial! This is a huge story and when the truth comes out Bonner and the five agencies involved are going to look like fools. What President of a
    University works with five law enforcement agencies to target students she
    should be protecting?

    While there were some arrests for intent to sell, most students arrested where subjected to unlawful search and seizure and resulted in misdemeanor charges, many for paraphernalia that can be purchased legally at any store in Tuscaloosa. SWAT teams entered rooms, broke down doors, and conducted searches that they had no warrants to carry out. You would think they were breaking up a massive drug ring or cartel.

    If Bonner was concerned about pot in dorms, why would she not notify UAPD or Judicial Affairs? Did we really need a full-on assault on fellow students sleeping in their dorm rooms in the middle of the night? While the students should not have put themselves in this position to begin with, the consequences they are facing are far far more serious than the alleged “crime”.

    The story is plastered all over the Internet and even foreign newspapers. They will have a hard time finding jobs, getting into graduate school, and transferring to another University due to their charges. Students were used and exploited to cover up and divert attention away from the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force who happens to be
    under FBI investigation.

    This story smells of corruption. Arrests should have been made only for those that “law
    enforcement” had warrants for their arrest; and the same goes for searching only the rooms that they had search warrants to enter. I am betting they will have very few convictions and many cases will be dropped. (this will be little comfort to those
    students and families whose lives have been torn apart).

    I am a student and grew up in Alabama and am embarrassed at how this has been handled. We cannot attract out of state students by this continued unethical and in many cases illegal behavior. Rumors are that the task force targeted out of state students, most of them 18-20 years old. The students involved should have been referred to Judicial Affairs or UAPD and not paraded out in front of the media in order to be used in law enforcement’s sick game of cover-up and corruption.

    The students should have been punished not persecuted. Our motto should be: Enroll
    at Your Own Risk.

    • RollTideRoll

      The University needs to target, arrest and ruin the lives of any student who has ever had a sip of alcohol under the age of 21. It’s illegal and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We need to violate personal rights, break down dorm room doors, fraternity and sorority houses, and arrest any student with beer or hard liquor in their dorm room, or Greek houses.

      Also, any student who is under the age of 19 who is smoking cigarettes needs to be arrested and thrown in the slammer. They are a danger to society and their crime needs to be showcased for all the world to see.

      Meanwhile, we will ignore the complete and total corruption of local government and law enforcement. Roll Tide!

  • bamamom

    As a parent of a UA student, my number one concern and priority is the safety of my child. I think any parent would agree. The fact that students are being mugged, beaten, robbed, and sexually assaulted on campus should be the top priority of the administration of the University. Students and parents should be notified of these happenings immediately! I had to learn of the muggings on the Tuscaloosa News twitter

    Sexual assault and abuse is a problem on college campuses everywhere, and anyone who thinks it cannot a problem at UA is either in denial or living with HER head in the sand. It is my understanding that the CW had the evidence to substantiate their recent article, which Judy Bonner chose to deny and “sweep under the rug”. If in fact the accusations are true (and I have no reason to believe they aren’t), Judy Bonner should be relieved of her position immediately!

    Also, the fact that President Bonner used university funds to raid, arrest and expel students for using marijuana is most upsetting to me. With the cost of higher education, can she not use OUR money for educating these students on the dangers of drug use? Was it really necessary to hunt them down like criminals, and destroy every hope and dream they had of graduating from The University of Alabama, or another institution? Is she really proud of her actions? She should be ashamed!

    Does President Bonner really think her recent actions with regard to the football player muggings, sexual assault accusations and drug raids really make her look like she knows what she’s doing? Personally, I’d like to know what she has to say for herself with regard to these problems. If she wants to continue to sweep the REAL problems under
    the rug, maybe she needs to consider a career change, and soon! The University
    of Alabama deserves better!

    • Leonard Irl Burt Dennis

      Can you really put a price on safety ma’am? I agree with you whole heartedly… but with UAPD and TPD, Im sure backs are already or have been scratched in joint efforts to help keep students safe and living up to an adult and no less than an adult standard.

  • Lord Voldemort

    Great article. Judy Bonner’s recent actions have made me ashamed to be a member of this university, a sentiment I never thought I would feel.

    For those who claim that every student arrested knowingly broke the law and thus deserves their punishment — does the same apply to those who drink underage? I think a conservative estimate could say that at least 50-75% of the university has participated in underage drinking. Each of those students knowingly broke the law; do they deserve to be arrested, have a criminal record, and not graduate?

    Although there are plenty of stereotypes associated with those who smoke weed – stereotypes that may very well be true to some extent – I know many students who smoke weed and also have very high GPAs, are here on scholarship, and/or are very active on campus. I don’t think any of these people (or anyone at all, for that matter) deserves to have their future ruined because they chose to participate in an activity that not only does not harm others whatsoever, but is harmless enough to the user to be legal in multiple states.

  • David Blake Jones

    Where is the UA SGA in all of this? Shouldn’t they be advocating on the students’ behalf? When will the students at UA finally realize that the machine backed candidates are just using their positions as resume stuffers?

    • Leonard Irl Burt Dennis

      With a no contest election…. you sure you think THEY want any part in this besides the annotation on their resume?

  • Anonymous

    Just to clarify: Dr. Bonner and UAPD did not know about the raids until right before they happened. This was something orchestrated outside of the University due to ongoing investigations of individuals involved. Dr. Bonner has been put into a difficult situation, one which she would not have chosen. We need to respect that she handled this as gracefully as possible and work to focus on greater issues together rather than pointing fingers at the administration.

    Also, in regards to your argument attempting to link pledgeship and Dr. Bailey’s resignation, please just let it go. Pray that he is able to help his wife through this difficult time and that Dr. Bonner can lead us into the progress we all want as a University. If we want the administration to focus on important issues, we need to focus on them as well instead of blowing up old news.

    I fully respect, while disagreeing with, your opinion. But please, for everyone’s sake, check your facts next time first.

    • Also anonymous

      “UAPD, which is a participating agency with the task force, assisted with the investigations and arrests.” If you are correct about the timeline and that Dr. Bonner only found out right before the raids, then this quote (copied and pasted from her email) implies that UAPD was acting without the knowledge or approval of the administration. I doubt that to be the case, so either you are calling Dr. Bonner a liar or your “facts” are incorrect. In addition, if she indeed only found out right before the raids and was “put into a difficult situation…which she would not have chosen” (as you claim), then she should not have implied otherwise in the same email by stating, “We invest significant time and resources in a three-pronged approach that focuses on education, environment and enforcement.” (also copied and pasted)

      Sorry, but your comment reeks of administration propaganda.

      • Anonymous

        The investigation was through the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force. This is according to various sources, including (gasp!) the Crimson White.

        We will never know exactly what happened with the drug raids- even I will admit the University will never reveal fully to the public. But what is clear is that this was an outside endeavor. Everyone would have even more issues if Dr. Bonner sent a press release saying, “How dare they come in and arrest students for illegal drug usage! We want nothing to do with this at all!” If this was action strictly through the University, everything would have been sent directly to Judicial Affairs- they certainly would not have wanted all this press about armed forces being sent into dorm rooms in the middle of the night. Y’all are right- this makes UA look bad. Do you really think they would have actively pursued this?

        • bamabrowneyes

          Sounds like you and Anon are both administration employees or puppets!

    • Anon

      AMEN!!!!! This is the truest post I have seen at all on this entire article.

  • disqus_ubDCR1al6A

    Yes, she should have focused more attention on the muggings and other violent crimes like that, but the marijuana at Paty was a HUGE problem. There were many times, just passing by after class or walking down the hall, that you would be overwhelmed with the smell. I can’t say that I blame her for wanting to stop what was no doubt a huge negative to many prospective students and parents visiting the campus. And that’s completely ignoring the people who live or walk on campus every day. Also marijuana is illegal. It’s not entirely her fault that they got arrested. Funny thing about illegal substances, if you don’t use them or have them in your possession, you are highly unlikely to get in trouble for it. There was a conscious choice there.
    Now that’s not to say that she’s flawless either, but there’s an awful lot of anger over it that I feel is unnecessary.

  • Anonymous

    This is the most GDI article the Crimson White has published yet. Raising the bar…

    • bamabrowneyes

      Spoken like a true Greek!

    • Asher Elbein

      Thanks for the compliment! We still have a long way to go before we reach maximum GDI status. We’re working on it, though.

  • bamabrowneyes

    You people Screaming “they knew it was against the law” seem to be forgetting that there are many laws broken by students, everyday! Let’s shut down the fraternity houses and sorority
    Houses and arrest the underage drinkers there. Everyone knows its going on. Let’s bust down the doors of dorm rooms and arrest all underage drinkers. Let’s also arrest all on campus underage smokers. Let’s arrest everyone jay walking and breaking speeding laws on campus. 
    Int time on campus, I’ve been exposed to and disgusted by more underage drunks than I have potheads. The ONLY reason President Bonner turns her head to the underage drinking is because of the high dollar donors, and Greeks. 
    Fair is fair! If you’re going to crack down on, arrest and humiliate the weed smoking law breakers, then you must do the same with all the other law breakers! If you don’t , then President Bonner, you just confirm what we ALL know is true- you’re a puppet!

  • Wyman K. Wannamaker

    First, calling marijuana a “victim-less crime” is farcical. You either knew that when you wrote it or you are pretty ignorant of the facts. Yes, compared to rape, assault, and other violent crimes against persons, marijuana use, in itself, is benign. Marijuana production and trafficking, on the other hand, is anything but benign. The purchase of marijuana and other narcotics funds and supports drug cartels who deal in terror, murder, and misery every bit as much as they deal in drugs.

    Second, there’s no such thing as a law you can feel free to ignore simply because you disagree with it. I too believe that marijuana should be decriminalized. I also think that arbitrary speed limits on interstates and in rural areas are ridiculous and that county residents should be allowed buy beer on Sunday. Those things, however, are against the law and if I choose to break those laws, I have no reason to complain about the consequences of my actions. None of those restrictions deprive me of my liberty in such a way as to be classified as unethical or immoral. Perhaps if the drugs were legalized or decriminalized, the crimes associated with production and trafficking would cease, but the legislature and congress are tasked with making that decision and so far, they believe that narcotics should be criminalized. If you disagree, write you congressman, but don’t berate the police for enforcing laws.

    Third, I’m confident that President Bonner overstated the extent of UA’s involvement in this case, which, in truth, extended only as far as having a UAPD officer assigned to the task force and using a pass key to allow the officers to serve warrants on university property. From a public relations standpoint, there’s no doubt that UA would have preferred that these arrests not have been on the front page of every media outlet in the state.

    Fourth, you are correct that a mass email about drug arrests seems ridiculous when compared to the absence of the same after the violent assaults. Perhaps this was because one incident is indicative of a much larger problem within the university community as a whole and the other was related to four miscreants who had already been been identified and apprehended. I don’t know why she chose to send an email in one case and not the other, but I do know this (and it’s something you learn with age and experience) – generally, people in authority have to make decisions based upon information that you don’t have and they cannot share with you. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t question their judgement, but it does mean that you should question them directly before labeling their actions in this manner.

  • Judy Boner

    The arrested weed-dealers should make a secret club (like Dumbledore’s Army) and practice their magical skills (joint rolling) in preparation for the war on Voldemort (from your extended metaphor, I think Voldemort would be “sexual consent problems”).
    The Greek community (Slytherin) will range from indifferent to ass-kissingly compliant.

    • Leonard Irl Burt Dennis


  • Anonymous

    But she brought back the pledges, who else will dd for all us underage drinkers?

  • John Watson

    President Witt will go down as one of the greatest presidents in the history of The University. Bonner will go down as one of the worst and embarrassing. Let’s hope Dr. Witt’s history of increasing enrollment, while increasing standards, continues in spite of in-over-her-head Bonner. Time to take the time to find a real leader and fire Bonner before we lose all the accomplishments of the last 5 plus years.

  • Guest

    Really….. I mean yes its a parallel ethos, but Harry $%^$ Potter references? A junior in college writing comparative parallels involving grammar school level reading references?!?!? I mean, you could have used Goebbels or some other actual person in history…. Save the bong resin perpetuating smut to your blogs and not the readers please???

    Law is law. Shes laying the hammer down. Ever see a blue box/telephone? Free will to go to this college is given to every attendant and a student hand book is given and is very EASY TO ACCESS BY ANY STUDENT. There is due process for each SUSPECTED ROBBER vs a person who is caught red handed with a schedule 1 or 2 narcotic… Drug use and possession of such is way thats different from robbery in the second degree, especially when the apprehended, BY WARRANT, is later confirmed with a confession, or evidence up to including zero doubt, and Bonner can allow the media handle the rest.

    What part of zero tolerance do you not understand? Is this new news for you? and piss test and possession is two different things before you start your rant in how I may be some conservative angled A-type

  • Leonard Irl Burt Dennis

    Really….. I mean yes its a comparative essay at most to make a point, but Harry $%^$ Potter references? A junior in college, speaks two languages, writing comparative parallels involving grammar school level reading references?!?!? I mean, you could have used Goebbels or some other actual person in history…. Save the bong resin perpetuating smut to your blogs and not the readers please???

    Law is law. Shes laying the hammer down. Ever see a blue box/telephone? Free will to go to this college is given to every attendant (Colorado Springs, and Bolder is a choice too) and a student hand book is given and is very EASY TO ACCESS BY & TO ALL STUDENTS.

    Also, there is due process for each SUSPECTED ROBBER v/s a person who is caught red handed with a schedule 1 or 2 narcotic… Drug use and possession of such is a way thats different from robbery in the second degree, especially when the apprehended, BY WARRANT LATER, is later confirmed with a confession, or evidence up to including zero doubt, and Bonner can allow the media handle the rest. Sexual Violence on campus…. okay…GREAT POINT but lets stop the underage drinking an the rest of the issues of organized negligence as well then…. BE LUCKY! Its also a directive in the student handbook….

    What part of zero tolerance do you not understand? Is this new news for you; piss test and possession are two different things before you start your rant in how I may be some conservative angled A-type…. Rules are rules and be glad that there isnt a possession by consumption clause at our university for the NCAA….should there be? Raise a question…. not a science fiction discovery….

    Whats going on at “other” universities, has no bearing when this is straight from Bonner’s office, board, and especially the W.A. Drug Enforcement Agency. Shes not raising the bar…Bonner is upholding the expectations of it. We’re federally funded and its federally against the law to accept tolerance of such… there are too many facets and parameters to discuss to you if i only can use Harry potter references….however… I didnt read drug use in the books, nor see it in the movies, unless it was alcohol or a potion, regardless its science fiction and i see the glass holding no water in the drug topic.

    be lucky, you as well as others are fair warned in the matter that a zero tollerance will be upheld in future decisions or what i would like to refer to as university indictment….

    But seriously, “whine & cry” over fairness and seeming propaganda of a University President…. I’m not surprised and still look to challenge the CW to challenge a bilingual Junior when writing a column as such. Way to get on radar, pal. Bonner is the first lady as president and she may do things a different way as seeing you might not fully understand but she aint got no time for this!…. and I’m sure safety, to the extent of university’s liability to parents concern is her first priority for the innocent by-standards that are more of the majority going to this school. Simply… drugs bring higher crime rates into the location….. and being a motor cyclist, I dont need some hopped up/high college student running me off the damn road, failing to yield the right of way, or self-seemingly smart for making some comparative rhetoric in how OUR PRESIDENT is subversive with some “less than academic book” character/person to prove a point. Weak, weak, weak…… as in poor judgement of reference with a great topic….

    Excuse my rhetoric, but i have higher standards for this university and its news paper….especially its editor and chief for allowing this to run….. article 3/10.

    7/10 without the Harry Potter.

    p.s. Please enlighten me on how her emails are dangerous? Gun shots and robberies in the 2nd degree and armed robbery are much different…… please research and proof read your writing more….

    • UAstudent

      Are you okay…?

  • Sensible

    I love you. Someone please give this to Judy “Throwback” Bonner, our president living in the 50′s.