Head coach Nick Saban writes letter to students

Thank you to The Crimson White for asking me to send a message in writing to our students. First of all, I hope everyone had a great summer break, and you’ve gotten off to a good start academically this semester. We are excited to host Colorado State Saturday night in Bryant-Denny Stadium. I can’t remember it being this long before we had our first home game. Our coaches and players are looking forward to running out of the tunnel and taking the field for the first time in almost 10 months.

One of the reasons we have been able to build a successful program is the support we receive from our fans and especially our students. I’m sure you have heard me talk about everyone being a part of the team at The University of Alabama. As students, you play a big role in terms of the first-class environment you help create on campus during game weekends.

Bryant-Denny Stadium is one of the toughest places to play in the country because of the atmosphere our students and fans help create. You make a huge difference in terms of how our team responds each Saturday. Sometimes the result of a game may come down to a single play, and we all have a role in what the result of that play may be. You have an impact, whether it is the noise on third down when the opposing team has the ball, or the energy you provide for the players when we try to win the fourth quarter.

We have some very exciting home games on the schedule this season, starting this Saturday and then next weekend for a night game against a Top 25 team in Ole Miss. Both games are on national television, and people around the nation will be watching to see how we perform on the field and also taking note of the atmosphere we have at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Since we arrived in 2007, the support has been tremendous, going all the way back to the unbelievable crowd we had at that first A-Day game. There is no question the students, alumni and fans make The University of Alabama the great school it is, and we all have a role to play as part of the team here. We appreciate the support provided by our students and after two tough road trips, we are excited to get the home schedule underway Saturday night.

Roll Tide,

Head Coach Nick Saban



  • bb333

    In….Roll Tide !

  • Zigud

    In other words: “Stop leaving games early”.

  • DrumminD21311

    “Students, I hear there have been some rumors going around about racism on campus, and that these rumors may affect both turnout and the Roll Tide spirit of unity within the stadium. Please remember that football is first and foremost the main priority of the University of Alabama. If our rich white sorority alumni don’t see our students cheering on national television, they may not donate as much to the football booster club, and we may lose corporate advertisers. The success of our program (and my salary and career) depend on irrational fanaticism and worship of our football team. Please place petty concerns like social justice and racial reconciliation aside and remember what this school is really about.

    -Nick Saban.”

    • JadenStryfe

      because Saban’s job is to focus on the University as a whole, not the football team. I believe there are more than one member of the Alabama faculty. Maybe even someone whose job it is to concern themselves with the quality of campus life. But no no, you’re right Drummin. He should concern himself with issues he isn’t paid to, even if it causes the quality of his work (i.e. what he is paid for) to suffer in the long run.

      • DrumminD21311

        I got rid of the comment. Can you still see it? I realized I misinterpreted the rationale behind the letter.

  • Joe McDowd

    Guess he compared the student support at Texas A&M, not to mention LSU.

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  • Joshua

    I wish I had the money for tickets… :( but I’m hungry.