Block seating reinstated for Ole Miss game

BlockSeating2013_3AMeditThe University of Alabama has officially reinstated block seating in the lower bowl end zone of the student section, starting with this Saturday’s home football game against Ole Miss, after it was suspended for the season opener against Colorado State.

According to a press release sent out to the student body by SGA President Jimmy Taylor last Wednesday, Sept. 18, the reason block seating was postponed was to “foster a sense of inclusiveness and diversity in all areas of campus” in light of recent discrimination within the greek system.

“This Saturday is an opportunity for all students to come together with a common goal, and we can begin by cheering on the Alabama football team as one University,” Taylor said.

“I think it [the change in block seating] was pretty insignificant because most of the fraternities sat where they usually do,” Eric Inman, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering, said. “However, some students who aren’t affiliated with a block seating group got to sit behind the endzone,” Inman said.

While sentiments were mixed, Andreea Popa, a freshman on the the pre-med track, said she sees the positive in having block seating back.

“I definitely noticed specific organizations sitting together, despite getting rid of block seating,” Popa said. “I think this method of seating is good because it gives everyone an opportunity to sit with their friends,” Popa said.

As far as this year goes, there were no changes made in the process for assigning student organization seating, SGA director of media relations Leela Foley said.

“Organizations are scored based on academics, leadership and service,” Foley said.

Foley explained that Campus Labs grades each application sent in by every student group, and the University confirms the resulting scores.

“We believe block seating is a positive thing and it is a great way to reward student organizations for their contribution to the University,” Foley said.


  • Jason Hill

    Block seating is a positive thing? Wow, how stupid! All it does is segregate groups from normal people. Get a clue!

    • MAB

      Every group on campus has the opportunity to apply for block seating. It’s not segregating anyone. Instead, it benefits groups that devote volunteer hours and have high GPAs by allowing them to have guaranteed seats.

      • Jason Hill

        How clueless are you? By all means, if you’re not already in a frat, try going and cheering on the Tide in the middle of one of “their sections” and God help you if u happen to be black and do such a thing. Yes, there are very honorable and admirable organizations that use block seating, but the overwhelming majority are a bunch of silver-spooned self absorbed bigots. Let’s not even dig into “volunteer hours” in which you can collect via going to things such as socials.

        • MAB

          Well, it’s a given that you can’t sit in other people’s sections. If you didn’t notice, there are a few black fraternities/sororities in the block seating as well, so your little dig at being black and getting block seating doesn’t make sense. If you want to hate on greeks, whatever go do that, but the block seating process has been reformed in many ways so that non-greek and non machine fraternities get a fair shot at getting good seating.

  • Joe

    A step backward; this policy will not stand long.

  • Samuel B Wilson

    A whole section of bigots cheering for an all black team. Or maybe they’re cheering for aj

  • Samuel B Wilson

    I’ll bet one of those rich bigot parents called the pres. Of the school and complained. All the black players should call for a boycot.

  • 15thStreet

    I don’t like what kind of fans most (not all) block seat applicants are. Therefore, I like block seating. It corrals all the people I don’t want ruining my game experience.