Taylor urges students to stay 4 quarters

On Thursday before the game, SGA President Jimmy Taylor emailed leaders of block seating organizations asking that each organization's members stay for the entire game.

On Thursday before the game, SGA President Jimmy Taylor emailed leaders of block seating organizations asking that each organization’s members stay for the entire game.

Alabama students started filing out of Bryant-Denny Stadium just before halftime of the No. 1 Crimson Tide’s 52-0 win over Arkansas Saturday, despite an email from SGA president Jimmy Taylor urging organizations with block seating not to do so.

Taylor sent an email on Thursday to leaders of organizations with block seating privileges stating there could be consequences if their members left the game early and reminding them of an agreement they signed to stay for all four quarters.

“I am sending this e-mail to remind you to ask each of your organization members to stay for all four quarters of the Crimson Tide football games,” Taylor said in the email obtained by The Crimson White. “This is certainly important for all UA students, but organizations with reserved seating have signed an agreement to stay until the conclusion of the game.”

Taylor said University of Alabama administration will review photos and video of the section during games to determine which organizations are leaving early and violators could have block seating privileges taken away.

“Administrators will review photos and film of the student section from the games,” the email stated. “Seating will be taken away from those organizations, who abandon reserved seating. I have also been informed that this is a ‘pilot year’ for SOS and if sections do not remain full, this will likely be the final year of Student Organization Seating.”

Sections of the south end zone are reserved for certain organizations, many of which are greek. The block seating section is typically the first to begin to empty when Alabama pulls away in blowout games.

The student section started thinning out Saturday after Amari Cooper hauled in a 30-yard touchdown pass from AJ McCarron that made the score 28-0 with a little more than a minute left in the first half. By the end of the fourth quarter, the student section was nearly empty.


  • Starry Night

    Speaking as a parent, I ask the students to realize that you only have a limited number of games to attend during college. You have the #1 team in the country. Students all over the country would give anything for your experience. Don’t waste this time. Stay at the game and enjoy your spoils. Be a part of the Rammer Jammer. Heck, at the times the Rammer Jammer is the most true, there are the fewest students to yell it. And support your Million Dollar Band. They are very good and work very hard to perform for you.

  • Jeff McDaniel

    I’m sure the Greeks won’t lose any seats. Suspend block seating and let it be first come first serve. I know it’s not just the frats, but students should have to swipe out too, that way everyone knows who left early.

  • Iron Mike Sharpe

    Who cares if they leave early? They are kids that want to get their partying started earlier and I don’t blame them. Not showing up at all is a different story. They paid for those seats so they have the right to leave when they want to.

  • Lee Latham

    You bunch of spoiled brat fans! Calling on the Administration to shrink the student section by at least 5,000 and put them out on the market for true fans. I’m a 1989 graduate who stayed at games when we were suffering through 21 point losses at home…..the least you can do for these guys is drink your bourbon….and stay in your GD seats. You’re embarrassing the University because ESPN/CBS are showing YOUR empty seats during the game. NIce! SHRINK THE STUDENT SECTION!!!!!!!

  • BE

    Here’s the thing, though. Without students, there is no school. Without the school, there is no football team. Don’t get me wrong, I think that it students should support the team for the whole game and that it is frustrating to an outsider who couldn’t get tickets to see empty seats. (And why is it not a big deal that most other UA sporting events don’t have a huge student turnout?)

    Students pay lots and lots of money for this place to even exist, so when one of you starts helping me pay tuition you can criticize me if I decide to leave the game early.

    • Joe

      Leave the game early all you want. Just don’t expect reserved seating in the primo section if you do.