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In response to Professor Horowitz's letter on the Faculty Senate

Steve Miller

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The Faculty Senate is a democratic body that reflects the priorities of its many senators. Our senators bring issues of importance from their respective faculties to the table, where discussion and action occurs. Professor Horowitz is an advocate in the Senate for social change at The University of Alabama. In Faculty Senate, his is one of many voices.

Last year, there were tense periods as our campus focused on tough issues like the desegregation of the Greek system, the inordinate power of the subterranean Machine and elections both campus-wide and local. Much good has come out of this work by the administration, the students, the SGA and a ?committed Faculty Senate.

Over the course of many years, the Senate has built a kind of trust with the administration that allows direct and fruitful dialog. This is a complicated institution with many moving parts, and at the helm is the president. We work with Dr. Bonner and the administration in daily ways to move our institution toward creating a 21st century global environment for students and faculty. The administration knows where the Faculty Senate stands as we all row this ship forward. Having a strong voice at the table is formed by ?creating a continuous, respectful, steady dialog between all parties, resulting in positive changes that may not always be ?implemented immediately.

We have a large slate of significant topics that will be explored and acted upon this year, including a smoke-free campus, child care, technology in support of teaching and the SACS reaccreditation – not only hot-button ones.

Steve Miller is the president of the Faculty Senate.

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In response to Professor Horowitz's letter on the Faculty Senate