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How to approach Get On Board Day

Leigh Terry

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The Get On Board Day tables, of course.

This year there will likely be close to 400 student organizations, intramural sports teams, community vendors, and local civic and religious groups vying for your attention and ultimately, your long-term investment in their mission. As an officer in a few of these organizations, I promise that you will overwhelm and intimidate us as much as we do to you.

There are a number of steps you can take before, during, and after Get On Board Day to cut through the clutter of this information overload and find the meaningful involvement and likeminded friends you have been looking for.

Do your research before you set foot on the Ferguson Center Promenade Thursday night. Take some time to look through the organizational directory on The SOURCE’s website and make a list of organizations that are your top priorities to find at Get On Board Day. Thoughtfully consider your interests and don’t be afraid to reach out to try out a wide variety of organizations that nurture your political, religious, pre-professional, and service passions. You are not one-dimensional, and your involvement should not be either.

When the hectic moment arrives, don’t face it alone. Make the night a fun outing with friends, roommates or new Greek sisters or brothers. Immediately find a map of the event and mark your high priority targets. On the way to your intended destinations, take time to evaluate some of the organizations that you didn’t consider or that may be out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to sign up for lots of email lists – the worst you can say later is, “No thanks.” Finally, make an impression on the officers you meet, especially if there is an application process.

In the aftermath of your whirlwind of new cups and contacts, follow up and go to the first meeting. I promise it is not a binding commitment, and I still regret not going to that kayak club training two years ago.

Leigh Terry is a junior majoring in economics. Her column runs weekly.

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How to approach Get On Board Day