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UA students give away Tide tickets

Maddy Ard

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The long-awaited football season is finally upon The University of Alabama. All across campus, there is a buzz of pride and anticipation for Saturday afternoons spent in Bryant-Denny Stadium.

For students who missed the chance to get football tickets, there are a variety of options still available for students to gain access to the stadium.

The lottery system is one way to obtain tickets. Students who decide they do not want to or cannot attend a game donate their tickets to a lottery system.

“My freshman year I totally forgot to purchase a football package,” said Camille Driver, a senior majoring in public relations and human development. “I went online and opted in every Sunday at 1 p.m. I actually got a ticket to every game!”

To request a ticket through the lottery system, students need to log into their myBama account and locate the MyTickets tab on the homepage. This will take students to a page listing their name, CWID and the team the Crimson Tide is playing in the upcoming game. Students need to simply click “Request Ticket”, and an email explaining the wait list is sent within minutes.

The lottery opens at exactly 1 p.m. Sundays. Tickets are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis through this process. 

“I had to set an alarm every week so I would opt in on time,” Driver said.

The student body of The University of Alabama has also created a Facebook page, “Alabama Student Ticket Exchange,” as a way for students to buy and sell tickets. 

“All I had to do was message someone who had posted that they were selling tickets! We met at Coleman Coliseum, and I paid him $250 for the ticket,” Jessie Langford, a senior majoring in consumer science, said.

Unlike the lottery system, the prices for tickets through the Facebook page are based on what the students are selling them for, which is not always face value.

Another option available to students is transferring tickets from one student to another. One student can give another student their ticket by transferring the ticket from their ACT card to another student’s. The donator must log in to their myBama account, locate the MyTickets tag and follow the online steps for transferring the ticket to the other student’s ACT card. That donator will need the myBama ID of the student in order to make the transfer. Both students will receive an email confirming that the transaction was completed.

Even without tickets to the game, students are still able to cheer on the Tide throughout Tuscaloosa.

“Some of my favorite Gamedays of freshman year weren’t spent in Bryant-Denny,” Sarah Setterstrom, a junior majoring in education, said. “Get a group together and gather around a TV. You’ll end up with a better view anyway.”

For more information about getting tickets, donating tickets and how to handle Gameday, visit “Get in the Game 2014: Ticket Information for Students” on

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UA students give away Tide tickets