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Taiwanese student talks Tuscaloosa

Yun Yu

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Renwei Huang quit her job in Taiwan and came to the University of Alabama to get an experience studying abroad, but Huang said she wants more than that – Hueng wants to break the cultural barrier and improve her English in the ELI program at the University.

Q: Why did you come to America and choose UA?

A: I had a job in Taiwan but I quit it because I really want some changes in my life. I came here to experience different cultures and learn English. One of my friends and her husband live in Tuscaloosa, and they offered me the place to stay. 

Q: What do you like about campus?

A: It’s a very open and equal place. I can get opportunities to make friends with people from different countries. Campus has advanced facilities. I finished my university education in Taiwan seven years ago, and we didn’t have Wi-Fi on our campus.

Q: What is the most different from your hometown?

A: Tuscaloosa is a quiet country. Because of the language barrier, it’s still a little difficult for me to communicate with people effectively.

Q: Was it hard to adjust?

A: Yes. Because it’s my second week here, I’m still trying to find the common topics to chat with local people. I don’t know how to say ‘hi’ to other people and get their response.

Q: What’s the favorite thing Americans do?

A: They can do the everything in a very professional way, like the assistants in school departments. People love to help.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing Americans do?

A: They eat a lot. It’s hard for me to eat three or more steaks per meal.

Q: How do you feel about American food?

A: It can be better to have more vegetables and less meat.

Q: How do you feel about football?

A: I watched the football game when I was in Taiwan. The rules are complicated. I’m still trying to figure it out.

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Taiwanese student talks Tuscaloosa