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SOURCE offers grants for collaborative student group partnerships

Sirui Shao

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These grants will be available through the Collaborative Grant Program, now entering its second year of operation.

“The Financial Affairs Committee has some funds they want to disperse through collaboration,” said Zachary Adams, chair of the collaborative grant committee. “We would love to have different organizations coming together and do cool events. We can help sponsor that.”

Leigh Terry, director of partnership and development at The SOURCE, which operates the grant program, said the benefits of the program are long-reaching present 
connections and stimulate dialogue.

“The organizations who apply for grants benefit themselves by the opportunity they receive to showcase their values, connect with other campus leaders and engage their members in transformational activities and 
conversations,” she said.

The program encourages all students to consider how to integrate collaboration into their everyday lives, she said.

“Overall, I’d say the student organizations I interact with are very service-minded.” she said. “This year, we’ve had ideas geared toward benefiting military service people and veterans, arts education and 
women’s empowerment.”

Application forms can be found on The SOURCE office official website and the application deadline is Nov. 15.

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SOURCE offers grants for collaborative student group partnerships