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SGA candidates explain platforms

Patrick Crowley

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Until next Tuesday the Opinions page will feature the candidates for the executive positions of the Student Government Association daily. Today the candidates for Executive Secretary and Vice President for Academic Affairs will be presenting 
their platforms.

The Executive Secretary is the liaison between the Executive Council and the student community at large. The position’s primary foci are on maintaining an accurate and permanent record of all executive business and distributing select SGA information like the SGA’s Constitution, rules and regulations and the structure of all committees to students. The role’s visibility and prominence have increased over the years to reflect students’ demands for transparency and better representation. Ultimately, the Executive Secretary structures how the SGA interacts with students and 
conversely how students interact with 
the SGA.

Another position that greatly impacts students is Vice President for Academic Affairs. The SGA Constitution states, “The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall propose and execute the policies … in such areas as academic programs, curriculum, student-faculty relations, instructional support, registration, advising, tutorial programs, exam schedules, new student concerns, and student problems and opinions.” Do not disregard the importance of the Vice President for Academic Affairs on the current status and future direction of this campus. An education is why we are here, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs aims to continuously improve that education and represent our collective thoughts and opinions to 
the administration.

While Executive Secretary and Vice President for Academic Affairs are not the most prominent positions in the Executive Cabinet, both positions can help chart the future direction of this campus in profound ways. By closely reading the columns by Katrina Swarthout, unopposed candidate for Executive Secretary, and Addison Arnold, unopposed candidate for Vice President for Academic Affairs, you can learn about the ways the SGA will interact with students and how academic experiences will be strengthened 
next year.

Patrick Crowley is the Opinions Editor of The Crimson White. He is a senior majoring in mathematics, finance and economics.

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SGA candidates explain platforms