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Nolan Imsande

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I knew that this day was coming for a while, the day I would write my final column for The Crimson White, but I was still unsure of exactly what I wanted to write. My time at The University of Alabama and at The Crimson White meant too much to me to not talk about it. I thought about it for weeks until it came to me.

My path to Alabama was rather unusual. I spent three years at a community college in my home state of California before finally transferring to Alabama in 2012. I had no idea where to transfer to before coming to Alabama, but I knew I wanted to go to a big university with a big-time sports program because I was an aspiring sports journalist. Long story short, after a visit to Alabama in April of 2012, I decided this is where I wanted to go.

I applied and was accepted in late May. That summer, I made the 2,060-mile trek from my hometown in Southern California to Tuscaloosa. I arrived knowing less than five people at the school and feeling totally out of place, but I never once regretted my decision to go to school so far from home.

I have only been with The Crimson White since August, but getting paid to write about Alabama athletics has been one of the best experiences of my life and has only reassured me that I picked the right university and major. I would be wrong to not thank my editors at the paper – Kelly Ward, Sean Landry and Kayla Montgomery – for taking a chance on me and allowing me the freedom to write virtually whatever I wanted.

Early on in my time at Alabama, teachers like Lars Anderson and Aaron Suttles taught me the basics of sports journalism. Charlie Potter answered every bothersome question I had while on the Alabama football beat. D.C. Reeves was always willing to help me no matter what the problem was. The whole Alabama beat in general treated me like I was a professional and one of them.

I would like to thank my family, friends and lovely girlfriend for always showing me support and reading my stories.

Three years after arriving at the Capstone, my time here has neared its completion, but Tuscaloosa will always be a part of me. I leave The University of Alabama with the complete college experience, six years in all (sorry, Mom) and a lifetime full of memories and friends that I made while also getting to cover one of the country’s most prestigious 
athletic programs.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is this: don’t be afraid to take a chance. Move to a new city where you don’t know anybody or quit your job to travel. Do something that you are unsure of because life is short and you don’t get a do-over. Roll Tide.

Nolan Imsande was a sports staff reporter for The Crimson White.

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