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Dixieland Delight a vital tradition

Patrick Fitzgerald

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There are some who believe that “Dixieland Delight” should not be reinstated because of the threat that we will get it taken away again if 
students sing the wrong additions to the song’s chorus again. I was worried about that, too. That’s why I am submitting a resolution to the Senate that suggests that the Athletics Department should put more appropriate additional lines for the chorus on the jumbotron. This would put the ball in the court of the student body. We would either take responsibility and reform to keep this unifying song a tradition on game days, or we would revert to the 2014 Iron Bowl and lose it for good.

Do I know what would happen if we get the song back? Absolutely not. I do, however, feel that we should find out by giving the students the chance to come together, step up and make a positive change for 
Alabama gamedays.

I am a firm believer that if the Senate passes resolutions to bring back “Dixieland Delight,” encourage good sportsmanship on game days and suggest to the UA Athletic Department to have more appropriate additional verses on the jumbotron, we will make hearing “Dixieland Delight” on game days much less of a fight and much more of a right. I am excited and optimistic to see what will happen in the SGA over the coming days and weeks.

For those who feel that this has been a waste of time on a non-issue on campus, look at all the people that have taken part of this grassroots movement. People do care about this song coming back. I feel it’s nothing short of the government’s responsibility to do everything it can to speak up for the people it represents. That’s exactly what we have done over the last few days in this effort. I hope to take this opportunity to show the student body how much potential we have to be players in the campus political process. I want to show that we are as strong and capable as we can be when we have unified participation. I want to spark the interests of students and pose the question, “If we could organize to bring change for this issue, why not for bigger issues like campus poverty? Why not finding a fix for the SGA budget that continually fails to be adequate for clubs and organizations to operate for a full year?”

Students need to ask more than ever, “Why not?”

Patrick Fitzgerald is a junior majoring in marketing. He serves as a Student Government Association Senator for 2015-2016.

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Dixieland Delight a vital tradition