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Lacrosse team looks to take title

Alex Accetta

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Returning from a solid season last year with a record of 9-3, the University of Alabama women’s lacrosse club team returns with a new hunger this season. Its goal for this year is to win the championship.

“We had a very successful season last year and we’re taking the things that worked and capitalizing on those successes this season,” junior Kaitlin McLhinney said. “We’re adjusting our style of play to a more advanced scheme this season, adding more plays on offense and a different set up on defense. It may take some work in the offseason, but it will make us one of the strongest teams in our league if we perfect it by the start of the regular season.”

With the new opportunity and fresh start ahead, the team has already started its preseason practices four days a week in preparation for the new schedule planned for spring.

“The expectations for this year are a lot higher and we’ve definitely improved a lot just seeing the first couple weeks of practice,” said Caley Curtis, UA junior and lacrosse club president. “I’m expecting us to make it further than we did last year and I’m hoping we make it to the finals.”

Last season’s team ended its run in the semi-finals during the Southeastern Women’s Lacrosse League tournament.

“There is a sense of pride when you step onto the field with “Alabama” written across your uniform and we have that sense of pride for ourselves,” McLhinney said.

Lacrosse clubs have are beginning to see growth in the South, even though the sport is mainly seen in the Northeast, East Coast and Midwest.

“We have continued to build this team over the past few years and we’ve made a lot of progress since my freshman year,” McLhinney said. “It’s a good feeling to take a step back and look at how far the team has come.”

With the new season on their horizon, the women’s team is more ready than ever to get started and take the title.


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Lacrosse team looks to take title