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Alabama hosts third annual 3MT competition

Beth Wells

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The University of Alabama hosted its third annual Three Minute Thesis competition this Wednesday at 6 p.m. The competition requires participants to create a pitch explaining their thesis research in three minutes and using one slide.

“Our main goals are to help our students become marketable, and for them to master the skill of pitches and elevated speeches,” said David Franko, associate provost and dean of the graduate school.

The first place prize went to Anjana Venkatesan, whose research compared the rate of carbon dioxide sequestered to the rate of methane emitted in the Everglades. Venkatesan explained this can lead to global warming predictability.

Second place went to Jordan Rippy, whose research focused on the effects of law in response to accounting scandals. Third place went to Territa Poole, who pitched her ideas about the way confusion affects learning outcomes in different people. Fouth place went to Courtney Andrews, who is researching why Mexican immigrant health declines after moving to the United States. The People’s Choice Award winner was Sandra Zambrano, for her research about reconstructing habitats for a species of critically endangered monkeys.

Prizes are as follows:

1st: $1000 Scholarship, $500 for research and travel, trip to Charlotte for the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools (CSGS) 3MT competition

2nd: $750 Scholarship, $300 for research and travel

3rd: $500 Scholarship, $200 for research and travel

4th: $250 Scholarship

People’s Choice Award: $750 Scholarship, $200 for research and travel

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Alabama hosts third annual 3MT competition