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Book Blog: “The Red Queen” is a thrilling dystopian love story

Katie Goodwin

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It is rare you find a book in which everytime you turn the page you have no idea what is going to happen next. “The Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard, is absolutely captivating, as each page draws readers further into protagonist Mare Barrow’s world. 

The book is set hundreds of years into the future in a world where a group called the Reds are filthy poor and an upper class, the Silvers, are rich with supernatural powers. Mare is nearing her eighteenth birthday which means if she does not find a job, she will be conscripted into the army. She is saved from conscription by a man she tries to pickpocket named, Cal. Mare is given a job in the palace because Cal is not only a Silver, but he is the crown prince. 

A few short pages after we find out Cal is the prince, Mare is also discovers she has powers just like the Silvers do. It is impossible for a lowly Red to have powers like a Silver, or is it? Immediately after her abilities are exposed she is taken into custody by the Royal family and betrothed to the younger prince, Cal’s brother, Maven. The story is filled with an incredible amount of action along with an enticing love triangle. In all futuristic dystopian series, there is rebellion. The Reds are rising up due to the oppression brought upon them by the Silvers.

Mare is brave, stubborn, kind, and has a quick wit. Others learn not to underestimate her and her feisty attitude. All Mare wants is to keep her family safe and she will go to any lengths for them. Mare makes a deal with the King and Queen just to bring her brothers home from war. Mare is torn between two princes, and quite honestly when reading this book you will have absolutely no idea which one she will end up with. Generally, in most series it is pretty obvious who the girl will end up with. But most certainly not in this book.

“The Red Queen” does not fall into the average young adult fiction category. Though that is what section of the book store you would find it in, this book is on a completely different level. The plot is very intense, and no matter fast you can read or turn the page it is not fast enough. This is the kind of book you feel like you have to stay up all night to finish because you absolutely have to know how it ends. Thankfully, when you finish the book it is not the end. The next book, “Glass Sword,” will be out on February 9th. The film rights to the book have also been obtained by Universal, so hopefully we will be seeing Mare Barrow on the big screen sometime soon.

If you are looking for a Christmas break book then look to further! I promise you will not be able to put it down!

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Book Blog: “The Red Queen” is a thrilling dystopian love story