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Meghan Dorn

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So that’s a rough drawing of who I am, and from what I’ve gathered, the only reason people read these senior columns is because they have a relationship with the author. Or possibly there is a curiosity to see what a major campus figure’s final words to the Capstone will be (and whether they’ll spill some last-minute tea with their exit).

I am not a major campus figure. More than likely my most distinguished accomplishment here at the University has been making it to graduation on time and not getting my column at The Crimson White pulled. So I want to address my real readers of this column, my friends and family (Hi, Mom).

If there’s anything that makes me an interesting person, it’s the incredible people that I’ve gotten to surround myself with over the last four years. So many of you are heading off to accomplish absolutely incredible things, and I can’t wait to see where we all end up in 
five years.

To my friends in high and low places – you’re going to be all right. What has been funny to me in my journeys with so many different individuals on campus is how many varying versions of success people carry. Some people view the chief prize as an SGA position, others claim a job for a PR firm in their dream city and some are just looking to not be too hungover on Saturday morning, which would prevent them from going to 
a Darty.

Some look down on others for not sharing their view of success, but in my view if you’re making it to whatever your goal is – you’re making it. Tying yourself to someone else’s accomplishments, or basing your confidence off of what you think “should be” success instead of what really makes you happy veers you away from your true calling. You’re all pretty amazing, and I don’t know where I would be without you.

If anything, my final suggestion to my friends with all of their versions of success is to go for it. We only get so many years here at the University before you either A. run out of money or B. finally end up with a degree in something. So if you really want something in this short time bubble, why not go out and reach for it? Apply for that position, text that person that you think is cute and go out dancing on a Tuesday night. Overthinking your next move can paralyze your life in the present.

To my parents – not many kids get the privilege of having four parents, and each of you has played a key element in helping grow the person I’ve become. Thank you for making our funny family work, and for the sacrifices you’ve made for me to get me here. To my Mom and Dad especially – raising a daughter after a divorce wasn’t easy, but I am so blessed that you stayed a team and always looked out for me first. I am honored to be the daughter of two incredibly selfless and 
hardworking people.

To my seven-year-old little sister Caroline – one day I will beat you at Uno and Trivial Pursuit. I have a fancy piece of paper from The University of Alabama now that says my odds have improved.

Finally, to the students who are still on their journey to fancy black gowns in Coleman Coliseum – you can do this. I’ve been there and honestly, I probably wouldn’t have believed in me. The Capstone is no utopia; it is a slice of the real world. It’s getting you ready for your next big adventure and helping you build your character that will stay with you forever. Where do you stand in the face of racism? Do you cry out when sexism jeopardizes a friend or stranger? These actions may seem small – but they’re the building blocks of the person you will be known as. And you can do this.

So I think that about sums it up. I’m Meghan Dorn, but you can call me Dorn, and thank you for four great years, Alabama. It’s time for the next great adventure and I can’t wait to see what yours will be too.

Meghan Dorn is a senior majoring in political science and public relations. She has been writing for The Crimson White since Fall 2015 and has served as President of Blend. After graduation she is moving to Washington, D.C. to 
further her career.

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