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Alumni commissioned into Marine Corps

John Palmer

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A married couple was commissioned into the United States Marine Corps as second lieutenants in an unlikely fashion during a ceremony at the University Club.

Reagan Reynolds of Natchitoches, Texas said he has always wanted to have a career in the military. Having trying to enlist in college, he was encouraged to go officer candidate school. He didn’t know that his career choices would lead him to find a partner who would one day commission him in to the military.

Reagan met Rebecca Horwath Reynolds of Muskego, Wisconsin in class while attending the University of Alabama.

Reagan says he asked Rebecca to marry him at the cliffs at Lake Nichols by candlelight last November. They decided to get married sooner than expected when they found out they were more likely to go in to the Marine Corps together as a married couple. Rebecca said the original plan was to get married quickly at the courthouse, but it worked out so they could have a small wedding with family and friends.

Their families were present, but this time they were accompanied by reporters and news cameras looking on as Rebecca administered the Marine Corps’ oath of office to her husband.

They said sharing a similar career path should be a positive thing for their relationship.

“It’s good that we both have the same mentality,” Reagan said.”My weaknesses are her strengths and her strengths are my weaknesses”

Not only does the couple serve in the same branch of the armed forces, but they have chosen a similar specialty as well. Reagan and Rebecca said they aspire to become aviation officers.

“At first I was a little shocked, but now I’m excited,” said Susan Reynolds, Reagan’s mother.

She also said she feels great about the two of them continuing their careers together.

Captain Clifton Peyton, Marine Corps officer selection officer, said he’s seen people meet and then get married in the military – including himself – but has never seen or heard of a married couple entering together during his 19 years of service.

“I personally think it’s a great thing,” Peyton said. “It’s a mutually supporting relationship.”

The couple will undergo basic training in Quantico, Virginia later this year.

If given a choice, the couple says they would want to be stationed together in Okinawa, Japan.

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Alumni commissioned into Marine Corps