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Student dies of heart attack

Hannah Mask

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A University student died Dec. 15 at her home in Orrville, Ala., after suffering a heart attack, her mother said.

Christie Young, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, returned home for the winter break on Dec. 12. Cathryn Young, 43, said she received an emergency phone call informing her that she needed to get to her daughter about 10 minutes after leaving for work Dec. 15.

“[Christie] had collapsed on the porch,” she said. “The neighbors’ son said she’d been having pains.”

Christie Young was taken to Vaughan Regional Hospital in Selma, Ala.

“The doctor told us that they believed she had a heart attack,” Cathryn Young said.

After receiving text messages from her daughter complaining of arm pain while she was at school, Cathryn Young said she encouraged Christie Young to go to the Student Health Center.

“One of the doctors wanted to do blood work, but I don’t think she ever got it done,” she said. “[Christie] took some Aspirin and said she was feeling better.

“She kept her nephew [Dec. 13], and she kept saying ‘I feel tired,’ but I thought she was just tired from watching him,” Cathryn Young said. “[Dec. 14], she said her stomach was hurting … she said she felt better and went to lay down.”

However, she didn’t mention any pains the following day.

“She was a wonderful daughter,” Cathryn Young said. “She was an intelligent, very open person. She was a really sweet girl and very respectful.”

Courtney Thomas, a UA alumna who majored in accounting, echoed Cathryn Young’s sentiments, saying Christie Young always had a smile on her face.

“She was an energetic, fun person,” Thomas said. “She never had a bad attitude.”

The two met through a mutual friend, Thomas said, and Christie Young was always one to make others smile.

“She was just all around a happy person and a good spirit,” she said.

Alicia Sampson, a senior majoring in elementary education, said she and Christie Young were from the same hometown and had met through a relative and worked together in community service projects when they were high school freshmen. Culturama, a club sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Alpha’s in Selma, provided the outlet for volunteer opportunities, Sampson said.

After attending Alabama A&M in Huntsville, Ala., for two years after graduating from high school in 2006, Christie Young transferred to the Capstone and reunited with Sampson.

“Some friends from A&M told me she was transferring, and when she came for orientation I walked her through everything, and we hung out ever since,” Sampson said.

The funeral was held Dec. 19, and Christie Young was buried near her hometown church, about half a mile from her home, her mother said.

Melanie Miller, associate dean of students, said Christie Young’s death will not go unnoticed.

“Like all our students, Christie Young was an important part of the University community and she will be missed,” Miller said. “Our thoughts and prayers were with her family and friends over the holidays and continue to be today.”

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Student dies of heart attack