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SGA Senator elaborates on comments he made defending SGA President Hunter

Will Jones

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Senator Harrison Adams rose to defend SGA President Jared Hunter during Thursday’s SGA Senate meeting. At the time, Senate was debating a resolution that called for the University to release records dealing with its investigation into Hunter’s campaign and the results of that investigation.

While discussing the resolution and the punishments Hunter has received since the Office of Student Conduct’s investigation, Adams said that Hunter signed away his FERPA rights under “duress.” 

The form Hunter signed to give away those privacy rights is a form required of all candidates for SGA office.

Adams, a sophomore economics and finance double major, explained the meaning behind his “duress” phrase.

“Everyone who ran for any position in SGA had to sign that agreement,” Adams said. “They didn’t really have a choice, and President Hunter felt so strongly that he wanted to run that there was no way he would not be able to run without signing that agreement form.”

Adams said his usage of “duress” did not mean that other people were pressuring Hunter to run, but instead was describing the internal pressure Hunter felt by wanting to run for office but not being able to change the fact that the campaign form had to be signed. 

During the meetings Adams noted some of the penalties Hunter has received as a result of the investigation into his campaign, including the 45 hours of research and community service. Adams said a lot of people are “playing politics” but he is ready to move on.

Until Hunter graduates, he will be under academic warning. 

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SGA Senator elaborates on comments he made defending SGA President Hunter