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Honors College Town Hall to explore fake news

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Isabella Garrison

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What: Honors College Town Hall. 

The Town Hall will feature a panel discussion about the concept of “fake news.” After the panel’s discussion, student questions will be solicited.

Unlike previous Honors College Town Halls, all town halls in the 2017 to 2018 school year will be broadcasted by the Alabama Center for Public Television and Radio on 16 television stations throughout the state of Alabama. 

Cole Delaney, a junior majoring in finance and coordinator for the Honors College Town Halls, is excited to see the effects of broadcasting the events. 

“We’ve been putting these on for a few years now,” Delaney said. “This is my third semester working within it. I’m actually really interested to see how this will go with the TV component.”

The town hall is one of two this semester; four will be held next semester.

Who: The event will be hosted by the Honors College for members of the UA community. 

The town hall will open with a panel made up of John Archibald, an investigative journalist for; Esther Ciammachilli, an NPR radio host and Elliot Panek, a professor of journalism and creative media at the University. 

Jennifer Greer, associate provost of The University of Alabama, will moderate the event.

When: Tuesday, Oct. 17, 7 p.m. 

Where: The town hall will be held in the studio of the UA Center for Public Television and Radio. 

Why: The Town Hall will give students a greater understanding of the concept of “fake news.”

“The discussion breaks down into three parts. The first part is going to be what is fake news, defining the term and finding how it fits into society,” Delaney said. “The second part is what is the harm? Why do we care about this? The third part is how to fix it.”

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Honors College Town Hall to explore fake news