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Thank you for featuring Capstone International’s summer programs in Thursday’s CW. Studying abroad can be among the most important, enriching, and educational experiences for our students over their academic careers. I would like to add, to students who might have seen the piece and thought the eight summer programs featured are all we’re offering, that we have 37 faculty-led programs this summer from which to choose.

In addition, the headline for Jasmine Cannon’s article on our summer program in Egypt (“’AL in Egypt’ to continue despite risk”) frankly makes it seem as if we are sending our students into a potentially dangerous situation. This is patently untrue. We will monitor the situation over the next two weeks and, in consultation with the U.S. State Department, make a determination about whether or not it is safe to send our students to Egypt. Student safety is our top priority. A more appropriate headline might have been “Capstone International monitoring situation in Egypt,” or something of the sort.

Holly Buckner is the director of Capstone International Programs.

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More summer programs offered