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Spring is the season to go Boho

Jordan Staggs

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Springtime is coming on fast, folks, and you’re probably dying for this weather to become less schizophrenic so you can wear shorts and tees and flip flops all day, every day. Am I right? I know I’m thinking that way, at least.

But there are, of course, some alternatives to short shorts and graphic tees. Maybe you want something a little more flowy, comfortable… hippie? Bohemian styles have been growing in popularity for years now, and I’ve got to say I love it. Printed or embellished skirts, tunics and gladiator sandals have been big the past few spring and summer seasons, and who’s to say they should go out now?

Ladies, even if you’re not hitting up Bonnaroo this summer, you can still rock the look. It’s extremely easy and very comfortable. Here are just a few pieces you might want to consider to rock your own Bohemian look this season:

Skirts: Take a step back from all those Nike shorts and consider something a little different. Long skirts, short skirts, it doesn’t matter. You can find a ton of styles, many with awesome prints or pretty embellishments. To make sure your skirt really fits into the Boho style, choose one that floats away from your body, usually made of lightweight cotton or linen.

Strappy sandals: Don’t we all love these anyway? Gladiator styles have been lining the store shelves for the last couple of years, and they can be a great addition to your hippie-chic look. Wear sandals with as many straps as you’re comfortable with. Or if you want to be a true hippie, just go barefoot.

Tunics: These tops are great for summer. They’re light, casual and usually very pretty with lace or printed details. They come in a variety of styles, too, usually hanging a little longer than most tops, so you might want to pair it with shorts or jeans instead of your skirt.  A good alternative to the tunic is also the peasant top, adding a little bit of Latin flavor or a little more femininity to your ensemble.

Accessories: When it comes to Bohemian, don’t be shy to amp it up a little with your bling. Bangles or a nice compilation of different bracelets are essential. Long necklaces and earrings work, too, creating a nice peace-and-love vibe, if you’re into that. Don’t be afraid to go for more pieces with details like feathers, woven cloths and more rustic qualities. Scarves, woven hats and braided belts are also a great way to accent this look.

I’ve seen these pieces and more at many places including Old Navy, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe and various boutiques around town. It might even be a good idea to raid your mom or aunt’s closet. You never know what kind of true vintage gems could be lurking in there! So if you want a cute and comfy alternative to the usual this summer, why not embrace your inner Flower Child?


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Spring is the season to go Boho