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5 Easy Tips for Dorm Décor

Jordan Staggs

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Many freshmen and others who are living in the residence halls this year might be wondering how to take their space to the next level. Without decorating and adding your own personal touches to your room, it will probably feel cold and uninviting.

Stephanie Sickler, assistant professor in the College of Human and Environmental Sciences, has been researching the topic of students’ personalization of college residence halls with her partner Beverly Roskos. Here are a few easy tips from Sickler to help make the most of your time in the residence hall, whether you’re living in Ridgecrest, Paty or Parham.

  1. Be careful not to use large scale items in a small space; that can quickly make it seem crowded. Also, lifting the adjustable bed to the taller setting and placing the dresser and other storage underneath is a great way to save space.
  2. An area rug can quickly soften the feel of any space and easily provide warmth for bare feet on the cold floor. You can find rugs in every size, color and price range all over town. For a good deal, try searching at TJ Maxx, Pier 1 or Walmart.
  3. Wall decor such as artwork, photographs and posters will give your room a “lived-in” feeling and can enhance the neutral walls. Corkboards are a great way to stay organized and display photos of friends and family.
  4. To block out sunlight and warm up the walls, use a room darkening window treatment such as one with black-out lining. Just be sure you also have a good alarm clock so you don’t miss class!
  5. Using a color scheme throughout the room can help the cohesion of the space and reduce the appearance of clutter and disorder. Pick a couple of your favorite colors and use them throughout the space with accessories, bedding and storage.

If you live in one of the suite-style residence halls, be sure to team up with your suitemates and carry the decorating into the living room area. This will be a great way to bond with each other and create a cool, comfortable space people will want to hangout in.

“Personalization of any kind can quickly turn any stale, empty space into a warm and comfy home away from home,” Sickler said.

Keep a lookout for a residence hall decorating survey, which residence advisor will be passing around sometime this semester.

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5 Easy Tips for Dorm Décor