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Update your look with flowers, feathers and color

Jordan Staggs

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                  Ladies, with the new semester underway, it’s a perfect time to update your look, try new things and have fun with fashion. An easy way to do that without going too far out and without depleting your bank account (mine is looking pretty dismal after spending hundreds on books) is doing something new with hair accessories.

You’ve probably all seen the feather extensions that are a huge trend right now. They’re a little bit hippie, a little bit ‘80s rock. Steven Tyler was rocking them all season on American Idol, but don’t let that scare you off. They can be as funky or as subtle as you want, with every size, color and length you could possibly want. Most salons carry them now and will put them in for you, usually for around $30. They’re easy to remove with a pair of needle-nose pliers, or you can even find ones that clip in at Ulta or online.

Along the same lines, color extensions are a fun way to spice up your ‘do. They go in the same way as the feathers, with a small bead that threads through your hair near the root and is then squeezed shut. I recently got a pink one with a couple strands of gold sparkle in it, and I love how fun it is. I was a little worried at first, but it doesn’t look too much like Hannah Montana. It’s easy to hide or play up by twisting it or braiding it with the color showing.

Headbands also seem to be back in this fall, in every style, size and color you can imagine. Sparkles, flowers, bows, patterns… You name it, I’ve seen it on a headband while shopping. Try a houndstooth one for game day. You don’t have to be Blair Waldorf to get in on this trend.

These are just a few ideas to play around with if you’re not looking to drastically change anything. Give them a try if you’d like to start off the new semester with a cool new look.

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Update your look with flowers, feathers and color