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All-girl band pays tribute to Rage Against the Machine

Courtney Stinson

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Take the Power Back, the world’s only all-female Rage Against the Machine tribute band, comes to Tuscaloosa’s Green Bar this Saturday night from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

“Simply put, people can expect to see four women from Nashville playing loud protest songs [originally sung] by four men from Los Angeles,” said Take the Power Back guitarist Sarah Rose Jones.

Much like Rage Against the Machine, this Nashville band promises a high-energy show that will make the audience think. However, you don’t need to be familiar with Rage Against the Machine’s music to enjoy the show.

“People who had no idea we were a tribute band and were completely unfamiliar with the songs have come up to us after shows to say they had a great time,” Jones said.

Take the Power Back intends to create a live sound that resembles Rage Against the Machine’s recordings as closely as possible. They do not take many liberties with the songs, but sometimes incorporate variations that Rage Against the Machine does live. Take the Power Back’s members enjoy the challenge that comes with emulating the subtleties of Rage Against the Machine’s sound, like in April when they played Rage Against the Machine’s second album, Evil Empire, from start to finish.

The band seeks to inform as well as entertain. Their performances are not just about the music, but are also about the message.

“It’s great if Rage winds up with some new fans or renewed interest from people who are already fans as a result of seeing our band,” Jones said. “We love playing their songs and [sharing] their message of rebellion, activism and political awareness. Their songs are often like a counterculture history lesson, so hopefully listeners learn something (or refresh their memories) as well.”

In addition to winning new fans and appreciation for Rage Against the Machine’s music, Take the Power Back hopes to change people’s attitudes about what women can do musically and the quality that tribute bands can offer.

“Our performances definitely go against the grain of what people expect to see and hear from a girl band and a female vocalist,” Jones said. “Rage Against the Machine’s core audience is primarily male and oftentimes guys come up to tell us they came to the show thinking we either wouldn’t be able to pull off playing Rage’s songs or that, at the very least, a bunch of girls would make a terrible imitation.”

The band encourages people to come out, have a good time and see a unique show Saturday. The Green Bar is located at 2209 4th Street in downtown Tuscaloosa. The bar opens at 7 p.m. and Take the Power Back begins paying at 9 p.m. There will be a $5 cover charge.

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All-girl band pays tribute to Rage Against the Machine