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Shaun Alexander to speak at the Huddle

Caroline Murray

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Shaun Alexander, former Alabama football player, Seattle Seahawk and NFL MVP, will be sharing his faith with students tonight from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the north end of The Zone in Bryant-Denny Stadium. The Huddle will include a presentation by Alexander, music and a devotional.

Teresa Croom, co-founder of the campus ministry, said The Huddle is about bringing students from all parts of campus together through faith.

“The goal of The Huddle is to have a diverse group of students come together and be able to fellowship,” Croom said. “The speakers are there to motivate the student body. They went through the same issues we’re going through now, and they relate those issues to Jesus Christ and the Bible.”

Co-founder Lissa Handley Tyson agreed with this goal.

“Teresa and I both have different circles on campus and we desired to worship together,” Tyson said. “The Huddle’s purpose is to throw off the straight-laced stereotype of religion and gather Christians and non-Christians from different backgrounds in a centralized place to hear a speaker share his testimony.”

Robby Hale, a junior majoring in biology and regular attendee of The Huddle, said Alexander’s beliefs and morals made him a good fit for The Huddle.

“Even though Shaun is most notably known for his accomplishments on the field, he is not about to stop there,” Hale said. “He has made it his goal to spread the word of God, acknowledging his faith as the blueprint for success.”

Croom, whose uncle and father coached and played at Alabama, said the name of the ministry comes from the sport’s background that she and Tyson, Coach Paul Bryant’s great-granddaughter, have been raised with.

“Just like in a football huddle, a diverse group of people are called in,” Croom said. “The speakers are the coaches calling plays. If we execute those plays correctly, and follow our coordinator, God, and our playbook, the Bible, we can win the game.”

Hale said while this sports emphasis often brings students to The Huddle, it is not the most important part of the speakers’ lives.

“The speakers selflessly talk nothing about their worldly achievements, and rather focus their relationship with God,” Hale said. “Many names you hear only through football, and you immediately think that they aren’t up to anything now that football is over. But their life after football is even more meaningful.”

Croom said the event is more than a keynote speaker; it is a chance to interact with others.

“I have met so many people that I never would have met without The Huddle,” Croom said. “Students are able to talk one-on-one with the speaker after the event is over and share experiences. It is an incredible opportunity to connect.”

Tyson said she hopes The Huddle encourages students to make time for faith during their busy lives.

“We pray that people leave inspired to commit to one of many campus ministries across campus as they seek to learn how to serve God amidst the crazy college culture,” Tyson said.

Tyson said the ultimate purpose of The Huddle is summarized in Psalm 133:1: “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in perfect unity!”


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Shaun Alexander to speak at the Huddle