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Four more years? There’s no other choice

Brad Tipper

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What do a fast food restaurant CEO, a flip-flopping Mormon, an unrealistic libertarian (but I guess that’s an oxymoron, right?), and a carbon copy of Sarah Palin, save the ridiculous accent, have in common? They all are far away from being actual contenders in the 2012 presidential election.

What does this mean? The GOP, despite its clear disagreement with every one of President Obama’s policies since he has come into office, will most likely, in the end, have to swallow the all-too-bitter pill of losing to him once again.

Now, before you stop reading this article for fear that this will just become another leftwing, liberal rant about how Obama is still the best thing to happen to America, just hear me out first. I am not saying Obama has done a single thing in his presidency to prove he deserves to lead our country for another four years. I am saying the complete opposite.

But, in the end, because of the Republican Party’s inability to come up with a candidate who is actually capable of articulating a vision for the future of America and is seemingly competent to a majority of the American people, it seems we will still be calling Barack Obama “Mr. President” after 2012.

After what many people saw as a bad second term by President Bush (an idea that might be disputed by those same people now), the Democrats were able to step up and find a candidate that at least seemed qualified and ready to lead our country in the toughest of times. So, why can’t the same politicians who have spent everyday since Obama’s first day of presidency shooting holes in his policies and allowing partisan antics to get in the way of pursuing a better future for America find a candidate that will bring us from our financial ashes and unite the American people under common social terms?

The answer is, sadly enough, this candidate does not currently exist.

But wait, is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Has the GOP actually found a candidate that cannot only win the presidency back for the Republicans, but make our country one that can hold our own as the world pushes forward towards a new generation?

The answer is yes. The GOP may have such a candidate in Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey.

No, despite common belief, The Situation is not the governor of New Jersey – just, unfortunately, their most relevant resident in today’s American culture.

But Governor Christie is not ready to grab these reigns yet. He’s openly announced that he doesn’t want to be president right now.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be led by a president who, barely a year before election time, is quoted as saying that he is not “ready” to hold that office.

So, watch out Democrats, and please don’t mess this up, Republicans. Christie is what we need.

He doesn’t care about party lines or what decisions might lead to him losing votes in the next election. He cares about doing what is needed for the betterment of the people he is leading.

I certainly do hope that four years from now, we will speaking of the American people as the ones he will soon be leading.

In the meantime, since it has become much too obvious, much too fast, that the Republican candidates barely stand a chance, I’m afraid I’d put my money on another four years under an Obama administration. But hey, at least he’s not from Alaska, right?


Brad Tipper is a sophomore majoring in political science and economics. His column runs biweekly on Wednesdays.


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Four more years? There’s no other choice