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Homecoming events have large turnouts

Brett Saunders

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Homecoming this year has reached its halfway point, and so far, many student organizations and faculty members have participated in this opportunity for fun and community service. Monday night had bowling, Tuesday night had the basketball tournament and Wednesday had Canformation and the dodgeball tournament.

The basketball tournament involved 33 student organizations, including greek organizations and special interest organizations. Each group played a 15-minute three-on-three game, with the winner advancing further in the tournament. Supporters cheered their teammates on from the sidelines, bearing signs such as “Chi Omega loves the Tide!”

“Everything is going great so far, and everyone has a good attitude,” said Katie Mellown, the Executive Director of Homecoming. “Each team receives points depending on how well they do in the tournaments.”

Points are compiled at the end of the week, and the group with the most points wins.

“This is a great way to reach out to all of the organizations at the University,” said Victoria Bergerson, a senior and Director of Campus Outreach.

While the basketball teams battled it out for the victory, Big Al showed up to support the popular homecoming event. Alex Campisi, the Director of Athletic Events, was also in attendance at the tournament, which she had been working on since February.

“My job is to take all of the organizations who signed up and put them in brackets and also create the tournament and make sure that everything goes the way it should,” Campisi said. “This is one of my favorite events.”

Wednesday’s Canformation was the choice event for student philanthropists. 22 student organizations used 50 cans or more to put together a design. The can designs are judged Thursday.

“This is the second year we’ve had this program, and I think it’s going to be even more successful than last year,” said Andre Davis, director of service projects at the University. “Not many people have heard of Canformation. It’s really underrated, but we raise a lot of food to give to the West Alabama Food Bank.”

Theta Tau, a co-ed engineering fraternity, was present at the event, shaping their cans into the form of a tank.

“We all love tanks, and our float in the parade is going to be a guy’s car that we turned into a tank,” said Robert Sherry, a senior member. “So we decided to make our Canformation model a tank, too.”

Homecoming events will end with the parade and the bonfire on Friday before the parade and football game against Vanderbilt on Saturday.

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Homecoming events have large turnouts