Alabama to play in Colorado invitational


The University of Alabama soccer team will travel this weekend to Denver, Colo., for the Denver Invitational. The Crimson Tide will play the University of Colorado first, then move on to face another team during the two-game invitational.

This will be the second weekend the Crimson Tide will play back-to-back games. Last week, Alabama defeated Georgia State but fell to Mercer.

“Well it’s still early in the season, and even though the results didn’t go our way on Sunday, it doesn’t define us,” coach Todd Bramble said. “If anything, from what I’ve seen from our players this week, it has strengthened our resolve to continue to stay focused and work hard and compete as a team. I’m very happy with how the players have trained this week in practice. I’m very confident in how we’re going to go out and compete really well with both of these teams this weekend. We’re excited.”

Having two games back-to-back may seem daunting to most, but senior Molly Atherton is keeping a calm approach to the upcoming weekend. Despite the challenge, Atherton said it is important to recover and get ready for the next game.

“It’s tough,” Atherton said. “We’re right in the beginning of the season, so our bodies are getting used to the process again. By playing two games a weekend you’re not getting a lot of rest, but it’s important to regenerate and take care of your body and make sure you’re fueling your body with the right food and recovery– just mainly getting your legs back.”

This is the first time Alabama will travel to Denver, Colo., and play any of the competing teams. Atherton said she isn’t worried about not knowing a lot of information about the opponents.

“I think at this point we are just focusing on ourselves,” Atherton said. “We know our opponents, but we can’t put too much worry into them. Right now we are in the process of establishing our identity, so if we can worry about ourselves, then things will take care of themselves.”

Compared to Alabama, Colorado has an extra game under its belt. The Buffs are in the same predicament the Crimson Tide is in by playing a second two-game weekend.

The first game against Colorado will set the stage for the Sunday game. If the Crimson Tide performs well Friday, Atherton said it will help the team on Sunday against the unknown opponent.

“Sunday is the more important day,” Atherton said. “We’re trying to reach the next level and be able to perform well on Sundays and finish games because at that point your body is really tired, and mentally you aren’t all there like you are on Friday night. So there is a lot more importance on Sunday, so we’re just trying to be ready for that.”

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