Articles By: Judah Martin

Museum of Natural History to host field trip for fossils

Although Alabama weather is often hot and humid even through November, much of the state was once completely covered by water. Amanda Espy-Brown, education and outreach coordinator for the Alabama Museum of Natural History in Smith Hall, said that was what Alabama looked like millions of years ago. For the past 35 years, the Alabama Museum of Natural Science has […]

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Foster care teens take part in Alabama Reach program

Friday, June 28, the students of the Alabama Reach program met with chaperones and their sponsoring UA faculty one final time for the program’s graduation ceremony in Gorgas Library. Among the freshly starched suits and cardigans of The University of Alabama’s academic staff, more than 40 high school students attended Alabama Reach’s graduation ceremony at the University. The students comprised […]

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CW | Kalyn-Wright Davis
An Avanti leads a group of incoming freshmen during their Bama Bound orientation.

Bama Bound welcomes freshmen before fall

For Brittan Jarmon, getting into an engineering program at a great college was certainly never the problem. With engineering programs across the nation vying to recruit females into the work force, Jarmon’s hard work in high school opened up many doors for her when it came time to choose a college. After years of daydreaming about Ivy League universities, she […]

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Shelters, research prevent tornadoes’ effects

Moore, Okla., is an unlucky town. Situated in the Midwestern “Tornado Alley,” an informal term for the areas of North America where tornadoes are most common, the community has been hit by five devastating tornadoes in the past 15 years. While there’s nothing residents can do to prevent these deadly tornadoes, that doesn’t mean they haven’t learned a few tricks […]

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University Fellows travel to Black Belt region

For the fifth year, a group of hopeful, rising sophomores in the University Fellows Experience program descended upon the Marion community in Perry County with new ideas to impacting the lives of its residents. Located in Alabama’s impoverished Black Belt region, Marion’s citizens are united by a classic small-town sense of community but are plagued with a crippling generational poverty. […]

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