SGA election: Candiate seeks an end to status quo

Letter to the Editor

A few months ago, while sitting in a meeting for Senators supported by the Machine, I wondered what this University would be like if an institution like the Machine, that has historically been an obstacle standing in opposition to the weakest students at the Capstone, did not exist. This university isn’t just white students and black students, greeks and independents, in-state or out-of-state, international or domestic, gay, bi, or straight; it’s all of them.

Right now, the status quo isn’t working within our student government. However, I am not running for vice president of Student Affairs to complain about the way things currently work. I am running to suggest and, if elected, implement real change for our student government. These are just three ideas I have to promote reform:

I hope to work with academic affairs to create a “Beginning @ Bama” class for out-of-state and international students to cover the history of the state and campus issues, including campus politics, to promote awareness about the positive change this University is striving toward.

As SGA members, we too frequently sit in our offices and decide what programs we think this University needs. I want to transform SGA to serve as a resource to help other student organizations accomplish their goals through partnerships, rather than creating ideas and programs that students don’t want or need.

I want to reinstate a Committee on Information of diverse students to continuously poll UA students regarding major issues on campus so that SGA members are always in tune to what students want and need. What better way to tune in to the needs of students than to send out our representatives to the students?

You have before you a choice this election season. You can choose to maintain the status quo, or you can vote for candidates like myself who want to promote issues that pertain to the working student body by helping institute more work-study opportunities across campus. No student should ever be afraid of the Capstone. Let’s advance UA together.

To learn more about my campaign, or the other Advance UA candidates, visit


Chandler is a sophomore currently serving as SGA Secretary of the Senate. She is running for SGA Vice President for Student Affairs.