Candidate seeks to foster better communication

Letter to the Editor

My name is Kyle Zimmerman. I am running for vice president of External Affairs and I have something different to offer. Leo Burnett, a Time magazine Most Influential Person, once said, “When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get them, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.” This represents my vision.

I began this journey to seek the office of External Affairs, but along the way, it has evolved. It’s not a venture for an office, but an expedition for a passion. It’s a willing passion to demonstrate integrity, serve each individual student and accept nothing less than excellence.

A lot of experiences this year have opened my eyes and thoughts: leading a group of students weekly to tutor children in West Tuscaloosa, assisting in raising over 230,000 pounds of food for hungry West Alabamians, mobilizing students to register to vote, reaching out to our alumni through the Student Alumni Association to strengthen bonds and finally developing a proud source of honor and tradition from serving in the Air Force ROTC.

When in office, I plan to accomplish three goals: number one, improve the communication between UA and the city; two, implement projects that will benefit the student; three, allow your voice and opinions to be heard at UA and in the city.

I will improve communication by attending monthly Chamber of Commerce and City Council meetings to voice concerns of UA students and relay the City Official’s information back to the University.

I will implement projects to improve life as a student, such as a UA Taxi Service, which will allow you to travel anywhere in the city of Tuscaloosa and develop a West Alabama Business Showcase to increase job opportunities for students after college.

Finally, the student voice will be heard through monthly student opinion surveys, greater involvement in the Tuscaloosa Forward Project and re-evaluating off-campus safety and living to hold the landlords and the city of Tuscaloosa accountable. This is why I am reaching for the stars and why I am following my passion.

Even if you choose not to vote for me on March 6, at least I gave it my best to advance UA and emerge without a blemish of mud on my hands. Remember, when it comes to that time, look for something different, and vote Kyle Zimmerman for vice president of External Affairs.


Kyle Zimmerman is currently serving in the Air Force ROTC. He is running for the position of vice president of External Affairs.