Candidate creates ‘T.I.D.E plan’ for students

Letter to the Editor

In the weeks leading up to the Feb. 7 statement of candidacy deadline, I thought about my goals in seeking the office of Vice President of Financial Affairs. I formed my T.I.D.E. plan to benefit YOU and every student here at the Capstone.

Transparency. This has been the buzzword around this campus for the past three years, and transparency must be a top priority of any true leader here at UA. If elected, I will ensure the SGA budget over $600,000 is disclosed in a timely manner. I will post the allocated budget to the SGA website and present it to senate quickly, so that YOU know where the money is being spent.

Increase. I plan on increasing the amount of funding available for student organizations and the SGA scholarship fund by working with the Dean of Students Office. There are many student organizations that need the monetary resources available to them from the SGA, and I will make it my responsibility to ensure these organizations are taken care of properly.

Develop. I want to develop a system to increase the amount of funding available for student organizations at the same rate of the growing student population. This system would alleviate the need for future VP of Financial Affairs to petition for money every year. If elected, I also plan to create an annual revenue-building event for the SGA Scholarship Fund to ensure that the university’s deserving students are rewarded for their hard work.

Educate and Engage. As of Jan. 31, only 21 percent of the FAC Funding had been allotted to meriting student organizations. Many organizations are completely unaware of the monetary resources that are available at their fingertips. I promise to reach out to every student organization’s president to help them attain the financial assistance they need in order for their organization to be successful.

On March 6, why should your vote go for Andy Koonce for VP of Financial Affairs? Because my T.I.D.E. plan and the leadership experience I have gained within the SGA Senate. I was elected twice as committee chairman in my two terms in senate, and these experiences will carry over into leading the Financial Affairs Committee. I have solid, reachable plans that put YOU first, and my hard working attitude is set on doing what is best for YOU and our 31,746 classmates here at the Capstone. Andy Koonce is currently serving as SGA chairperson of the Senate Resolutions Committee. He is running for the position of Vice President of Financial Affairs.