Fowler: inclusive, unified vision

Letter to the Editor

Three years of intense Student Government Association experience have not only given me the credibility to run for office, but also a vision for an inclusive SGA that represents a unified student body.

I have enough experience to walk into the office on day one ready to lead our Student Government. In my time on First Year Council, SGA Senate, and the Executive Council, I have served as that crucial link between students and administrators.

As your VP for External Affairs, I was responsible for the creation of 348-RIDE Express (which decreased wait times by over 75 percent and gave more than 16,000 students a safe ride home), the opening of Recreation Center parking to all UA students with a parking pass and the creation of the Textbook Rental Program (and the $300,000 grant that will assure its continued success).

I am proud of other completed projects: Ideas to Action, CrimsonWatch, Voter Registration Drive, SGA-NSBE Date Auction, Test Bank, the list goes on.

My platform, moreover, is feasible and well-researched.

We will host the premier 2010 Gubernatorial Debate in September. We will unveil a laundry service to deliver clean clothes to students’ doors. We will finalize Crimson Trails, the new running and biking paths on campus and downtown. We will increase transparency by posting all budgets and expenditures online. We will create a Transportation Master Plan to take the CrimsonRide off-campus.

My clear vision for a unified campus, though, will be the driving force behind my administration. Many feel the SGA is composed of a select few who only represent special interests. I will change this perception by actively recruiting students from all corners of campus to be leaders within the SGA, because we will be best when every individual is represented.

I feel I am most qualified and most capable of leading the Student Government Association in a responsible way to a united and inclusive future. I ask for your vote, and I need your support. Join me in unifying campus and creating a transparent student government of which every student is proud.

James Fowler is a junior majoring in business and political science. He is running for SGA president.