Our View: Collins for vice president for Academic Affairs

Our View

For the position of vice president for Academic Affairs, the editorial board endorses A. J. Collins because of his applicable experience and planned initiatives for UA Academic Affairs. His plans to expand possibilities for core curriculum would allow students to take, for example, history classes that are more specific to their interests, rather than the currently required general history requirements. And improving the advising process with peer mentoring would provide students with useful advice from peers, as well as potentially ease the advising process. His competitor, Denzel Evans-Bell, while having an outstanding personality and high hopes for the future of SGA, had campaign ideas unspecific to the role of vice president for Academic Affairs and would be better suited running for a position involving student, rather than academic, affairs. In regards to being the first black candidate endorsed by the Machine, Evans-Bell viewed the move as a sign of change for the Machine. He addressed the varying opinions the endorsement has created but believes it should not be seen as a political move, but rather a step in a new direction for the organization. He remarked that if the University itself never changed, he would not be at UA, and it would still be an all-white school. Ultimately, the editorial board finds A.J. Collins to be the strongest candidate because of his understanding of the scope of Academic Affairs responsibilities and his clear and achievable goals.