Jimmy Taylor

Melissa Brown

Jimmy Taylor, senator and candidate for vice president for External Affairs, said his passion for the University of Alabama has led him to his candidacy.

“My motivation for running for office is simple. I have always had and will always have an unbelievable passion for this University and want to take every opportunity I can to make sure the University reaches its fullest potential,” Taylor wrote in his statement of interest.

Taylor, a sophomore Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration senator, served on the First Year Council his freshman year. He now serves as the chairman for the Relay for Life committee, a cause he’s passionate about.

“I want to start an initiative similar to Beat Auburn Beat Hunger to raise funds in competition with Auburn to fund cancer research,” Taylor said. “We’re currently beating Auburn in Relay for Life, so we could tie that in.”

Taylor’s candidacy platform revolves around service, which he believes both affects and unites students.

“I want to have sound things that I can accomplish that help students affect their community and their future,” Taylor said. “I think a big issue on campus is that there are all these different demographics, like the Honors College or the black community or the greek community. I think service is the best way to unite everyone together.”

In addition to providing service opportunities for students, Taylor said he would use the position of vice president for External Affairs to create benefits for students.

“College of Charleston does something called a restaurant week, where students can go try new restaurants for cheaper meals. I think that’s a great initiative,” he said. “I want to do promotions with local businesses and restaurants to increase student traffic downtown.”

On his website, taylorforua.com, Taylor outlined his vision for the growing University’s integration with the city of Tuscaloosa.

“With the size of the campus growing to 30,000 students, we represent a large portion of the Tuscaloosa community as a whole,” Taylor wrote. “Due to this expansion, we must all work to be productive members of this city. I will work with University administrators and City officials to make sure this growth is mutually beneficial for students and citizens.”

Taylor said he plans to begin attending City Council meetings and is currently working with presidential candidate Matt Calderone to build relationship with city officials who Calderone has worked with in the past.

Taylor said he is concerned with creating sound, feasible initiatives that students can count on. He believes several candidates aren’t being realistic in their campaign platforms.

“I just think some people that are making campaign promises right now have certain initiatives that have already been turned down. They’ve already been told they aren’t feasible by the administration,” Taylor said. “A lot of people fizzle out. They are gung-ho at the beginning, but it just fizzles out.”