Our View: Chandler Wright for vice president for Student Affairs

Our View

For the position of vice president for Student Affairs, the editorial board is endorsing Chandler Wright.

Ultimately, the choice for Wright is based on her plan to transition the Office of Student Affairs and the Student Government Association as a whole to more of a facilitating organization.

Wright felt that SGA should use its funds to help student organizations achieve their goals instead of creating projects itself. She believed that not only would this allow student organizations to be more successful, but that it would also create stronger relationships between the SGA and those organizations.

The editorial board recognizes that the more sources of ideas one draws from, the more these ideas can be realized. By focusing on providing funding instead of generating ideas, the editorial board believes more will ultimately be accomplished with a greater variety of influences and ideas.

Wright also wants to create a committee on information, and the editorial board believes that, if implemented correctly, it can be an excellent source of student feedback.

Finally, Wright’s idea for a class for out-of-state freshmen, with the intent of educating them about both Alabama and campus history and politics, is an excellent way to help the increasingly large out-of-state student population.

Will Pylant, Wright’s opponent, is not without his own strong ideas, such as creating a system called Bama Break where students can share information and experiences with internships and study abroad programs. Should Wright be elected, she would do well to discuss this and other ideas with him.

Still, the editorial board chooses to endorse Wright for the soundness of her entire platform.