Our View: Clark for executive vice president


Our View

For the position of executive vice president, the editorial board endorses Alex Clark. She understands the “chief of staff” role now required of the executive vice president in the new SGA constitution, and best fits that role. She admitted to not being the most “creative” candidate, but instead, an organized one. Clark’s ability to work well with people and communicate effectively will make her an excellent liaison between the president and executive offices, as well as other members of SGA. Her past experience as assistant to the executive vice president under Stephen Swinson also makes her the most eligible candidate. Clark mentioned the Machine’s role in hindering women in their pursuit of SGA involvement. Her campaign for position of executive vice president was not decided for her; it was instead one she sought on her own, based on her skill set. Her experience and understanding for the role of executive vice president makes her the strongest candidate, and the editorial board’s endorsement.

Our View is the consensus of The Crimson White editorial board.